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Formula E

Delivering Sustainable Innovation. Fast.

Continuing its drive toward a sustainable future, DHL has become the Official Logistics Partner of the new FIA Formula E Championship set to rev its electric engines in September 2014. A pioneer in green logistics meets a pacesetter in clean auto racing. With our proven 30-year track record in motorsports logistics, we are not only piloting the behind-the-scenes logistics race fueled by the most efficient technology and processes available today, we are also committing to the same future as Formula E – one that sees accelerated innovation in e-mobility and city logistics.
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Latest Stories


New Era in Motorsports Set to Rev up 2014

The new FIA Formula E Championship set a fantastic pace in 2013 on the road to the inaugural race in Beijing in September 2014. Official Logistics Partner DHL takes a look back at the year’s highlights.
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Provisional 2014/2015 Calendar Unveiled

The provisional 2014/2015 calendar of the new FIA Formula E Championship features 10 city-center events spanning four continents, beginning with Beijing, China, on September 20, 2014.
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Formula E Goes on the Road

The Formula E Championship may be set to hit the downtown streets of 10 major cities around the world beginning in September next year, but it is already out on the road on a promotional tour – delivered by DHL.
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“Our goal is to put more electric cars on the roads”

DHL and the FIA Formula E Championship recently announced a multiyear global partnership for the world’s first fully-electric car racing series.
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