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Performance in Harmony

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Gewandhaus Orchestra - Delivered by DHL

DHL manages the logistics on the orchestra's tours across Europe, Asia and the USA - from the Scala in Milan to the Carnegie Hall in New York.

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Gewandhaus on the Road

DHL Brandworld takes a peek into the logistics behind a Gewandhaus Orchestra tour.

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Playing for the Pontiff

As guests at the Pope's 85th Birthday last month, the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play at the Vatican.

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What better partner for a globally active company than one speaking the universal language of music? The Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra is one of the world’s leading orchestras and, with more than 100 musicians, also one of the largest. Its 250 years’history makes it the oldest civic orchestra in the world. Our services include transporting the stage equipment, sheet music and musicians’ wardrobe. And we bring the same passion to moving the orchestra as the orchestra brings to moving its audience.
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Latest Stories


DHL brings Leipzig-based Gewandhausorchester to Asia

DHL brings Leipzig-based Gewandhausorchester to Asia

The Asian tour kicks off with the first concert on March 14 in Shanghai. Under the conductorship of Riccardo Chailly the orchestra then travels on to performances in Japan. After eight performances in five cities the ten-day tour will end on March 23 in Tokyo.

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Gewandhausorchester brings Brahms back to Vienna

The adult home of Johannes Brahms, Vienna is a regular host to the Gewandhausorchester. The perfect place to wrap up the 2013 European Tour highlighting the “Brahms Cycle.”
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Bringing Brahms to the Barbican

Few orchestras are as deeply steeped in the Brahms tradition as Gewandhausorchester Leipzig – and few venues better equipped for the orchestra’s unique sound than London’s Barbican Centre.
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DHL on the road with the Gewandhaus Orchestra's lead attendant

At home in Leipzig, the Gewandhaus Orchestra has a place for everything.

On Tour with the Gewandhaus Orchestra’s tour manager

Whether on the road or at home in Leipzig, the Gewandhaus Orchestra gets its support from Lothar Petrausch, the players’ lead attendant since the 1980s.
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Gewandhaus Orchestra 2013 European Tour, part 2: London, Paris, Vienna

Back on the road in October 2013, the Gewandhaus Orchestra players will be bringing their special sounds – the Gewandhaus Klang – to the concert halls of London, Paris, and Vienna on a European Tour delivered by DHL.
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