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Alonso grabs one, Vettel takes it all

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DHL's F1® Expert Reviews Fastest Lap at US GP

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Christian Danner's Fastest Lap Tip for the Brazilian GP

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2013 Formula 1® Champion Sebastian Vettel makes history in Austin as he continues his dominant drive out in front of the competition. His eighth consecutive win breaks a 60-year-old record as he chalks up his seventh Fastest Lap.

Sebastian Vettel made it look so easy at the Circuit of the Americas last weekend, you might forget that the 26-year-old German works very hard to be the best. After qualifying on pole, maintaining a comfortable lead and finishing 6.2 seconds ahead of Lotus’ Romain Grosjean – not to mention winning his eighth consecutive Grand Prix and breaking a 60-year-old record – he doesn’t want us to forget that.

“People tend to forget how much work there is behind all this and how special it is,” said Vettel after the race. “I remember back in 2008 how happy I just was to, once in my life, to be on pole.”

Nor does he want us to forget that what he achieves on the race track each week is the result of being backed by a strong Red Bull team.

“[It came] down to a team effort today,” he stressed.

And he reminded us why: “Everyone [was] willing to push; this morning the guys were working hard as we had some concerns about reliability on the car, so they were flat out trying to fix the problem and the car ran okay all race, so a big thanks to them.”

These are precisely the moments that remind us why we partner with the world’s leading motorsport. Beyond competing in an ever-exciting logistics race each week that brings out the best in us, DHL is forever inspired by the speed, precision, passion and teamwork that goes in to Formula 1.

Vettel and Team Red Bull Racing personified those values at the 2013 United States Grand Prix – coming away with a dominant performance despite already having the drivers’ and constructors’ championships in the bag, not to mention the 2013 DHL Fastest Lap Award.

“I think you should never lose the passion and the joy,” he added, “and always remember the days when you were just dreaming of these things to happen.”

You took the words right out of our mouth, Seb.

Now with one race to go and pretty much everything decided, all we can do is watch excitedly as history is made.

Fastest pit, too

Red Bull recorded a sub-two second pit stop for Mark Webber in Austin and with it the fastest pit stop of the race. Webber’s car was stopped for 1.923 seconds, a time that beat the team’s previous record of 2.05 seconds at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

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