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Slippery when wet: The Rainy Malaysian Grand Prix

A stunning finish to this weekend's waterlogged Grand Prix in Sepang, Malysia came when Ferrari's Fernando Alonso held off Sauber's Sergio Perez to take a sensational victory.

The storm clouds brewed for hours before the race, finally letting loose just ten minutes ahead of the start. The wet track created a different atmosphere, with cars hydroplaning before a torrential downpour led to the safety car being called out in Lap six.

After three laps behind the safety car, an all-out stoppage was called and the racing didn't resume again until near dusk. When the cars kicked back into high gear, Alonso built up a seven-second lead that was closed by Sergio Perez soon after, creating a neck and neck race that wowed the world.

From the 17th lap on, Perez went up against Alonso, with Hamilton and the Red Bull drivers following behind but unable to do anything to challenge either of them. By Lap 49, Perez was only half a second behind but a wide slide in Turn 14 slipped him up.
“It was a remarkable result after Ferrari's struggles at the start of the season - and it was matched by Perez's performance,” according to Andrew Benson, the BBC's Chief Formula 1™ correspondent.

Behind the two leaders there was some great racing, but Hamilton had an untroubled run to third, ultimately never able to match their pace. Webber came through to fourth after Vettel had made contact with Karthikeyan on the 48th lap and Raikkonen drove a feisty race to fifth for Lotus – clocking in with the race's fastest lap at 1:40.722 in Lap 53.

Alonso’s totally unexpected victory puts him in the lead, with 35 points to Hamilton’s 30 and Button’s 25. Webber’s fourth with 24, Perez fifth with 22 and Vettel with 18.
For more on this weekend's race, have a look at the official Formula 1™ siteExternal Link.