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Reaching New Heights

Manchester United and DHL have set out to give you the story behind the Red’s original training ground, The Cliff, where the team – and the club’s – incredible success story began.

Both DHL and Manchester United know what it’s like to grow from humble beginnings to become one of the most recognized brands in the world. Although the Reds’ history began nearly 100 years before DHL was brought to life, the two organizations are spending this year looking back on decades of hard work and dedication.

Reaching New Heights will share the stories of these two great brands with fans and customers all around the world this year. Beginning with the launch of the new Manchester United DHL Spring/Summer 2013 training kit at the highly anticipated match against Everton at Old Trafford on February 9 and continuing throughout 2013, DHL and United will be telling the story about their journeys from good to great.

Humble beginnings
Manchester United came to life in 1878 as little more than a team of railwaymen playing other teams of railwaymen. It took 14 years before they even joined the fledgling Football League.

For the first half of the 20th century, the Club met with both success and failure, promotion and relegation, bankruptcy and scandal. It was the post-war period and the arrival of the legendary (Sir) Matt Busby in 1945 that properly marked the start of Manchester United’s march to international success and stardom.

The DHL story begins a little more recently than that of the Reds. In 1969, three men in San Francisco (Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn) had little more than a few hundred dollars and a bright idea. But that idea – to fly customs documents ahead of cargo ships so the contents could be cleared in advance and save the operators time and money – was the beginning of a revolution in express delivery.

Whether your business is playing football or delivering parcels it’s always good to remember where things began. It provides a sense of perspective, a sense of pride and a sense of passion. We look forward to sharing our stories this year as both DHL and Manchester United work hard to reach new heights!

Join us on this exclusive behind-the-scenes journey at Link / New Window

Reds new DHL spring/summer 2013 training kit
Here are some images from the photo shoot to launch the new training kit at the Red Devil’s old training ground, The Cliff.

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