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Further Partnerships

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Surf Life Savings Celebrate 10-Years with DHL

/content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/past/video_pics/sls_10_year_partnership.jpg /content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/past/video_pics/sls_10_year_partnership.jpg /content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/past/video_pics/sls_10_year_partnership.jpg
What better way to showcase our logistics expertise around the world then to support organizations that are always on the move. From the racetrack to the rugby pitch to the beach, we work behind the scenes to ensure that our partners can focus on what they do best: winning races, outplaying their opponents and saving lives. From the hard-hitting “Quins” rugby union in England to the lifeguards at Surf Life Saving in Australia and New Zealand, get a look at who we partner with around the world and why.
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Further Partnerships


Andretti Autosport - IZOD IndyCar Series, USA

It’s no secret that DHL knows motorsports – we have a nine-year track record with Formula 1TM to prove it. DHL taps its motorsports logistics expertise to support Team Andretti Autosport at the premier open wheel racing series in the United States, the IZOD IndyCar Series.
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/content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_andretti_619x418.png/jcr:content/renditions/cq5dam.thumbnail.140.100.png /content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_andretti_136x75.jpg /content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_andretti_89x49.jpg

Football Association of Ireland – Together for Two Decades

The long history continues – 20 years and counting as the Official Express and Logistics Partner of the FAI!

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/content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_fia_bw_619x418.jpg/jcr:content/renditions/cq5dam.thumbnail.140.100.png /content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_fia-bw_teaser_136x75.png /content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_fia_bw_89x49.jpg

Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv Basketball – Building on European Success!

DHL partners with one of the most successful basketball teams in European history.

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/content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_maccabi_619x418.jpg/jcr:content/renditions/cq5dam.thumbnail.140.100.png /content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_maccabi_136x75.png /content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_maccabi_89x49.png

Surf Life Saving Australia & New Zealand – Swim Between the Flags!

SLS AU and NZ have been saving lives for decades and are iconic features of the beaches in Australia and New Zealand; DHL has been a crucial partner of both organizations now for a decade, doing what it can to assist them in their difficult – and vital – task.
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/content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_surf_619x418.png/jcr:content/renditions/cq5dam.thumbnail.140.100.png /content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_surf_136x75.jpg /content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_surf_89x49.jpg

Urawa Red Diamonds - Leading Interest in Football in Japan!

Japan’s most popular club meets the world’s leading express and logistics company –DHL is the Official Logistics Partner of this highly visible football team.
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/content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_urawa_619x418.png/jcr:content/renditions/cq5dam.thumbnail.140.100.png /content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_urawa_136x75.png /content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_urawa_89x49.png

FIA World Touring Car Championship - Real Cars. Real Racing.

Over the past seven years, the WTCC has been setting record after record, growing in popularity and establishing itself as the third most important FIA championship behind Formula 1TM and the World Rally Championship.
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/content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_wtcc_bw_619x417.png/jcr:content/renditions/cq5dam.thumbnail.140.100.png /content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_wtcc_bw_136x75.png /content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/image_gallery/op_wtcc_bw_89x49.png

DHL Stormers – I am a Stormer!

After the huge success of Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand and with RWC 2015 to take place in England, it’s a perfect match between the country’s top rugby team and the world’s leading express and logistics company.
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/content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/articles/5players_619.jpg/jcr:content/renditions/cq5dam.thumbnail.140.100.png /content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/articles/5players_136.jpg /content/dam/Local_Images/g0/New_aboutus/brandworld/other/articles/5players_89.jpg