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Green Optimization

Based on our Carbon Reports we can analyze our customers’ entire logistics chain, and work with them to optimize trade routes and transportation modes to reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, we suggest ways to improve their overall environmental performance. As a global company with operations in all segments of the logistics industry, we are able to offer these services worldwide.

Potential emission reductions vary depending on customers’ needs. We can combine a range of freight transport options to ensure a fast, climate-friendly flow of goods, while our Contract Logistics portfolio includes low-energy warehouse design. And when it comes to moving Express shipments from A to B, our customers benefit from our ongoing modernization program for aircraft and vehicle fleets. Click on the buttons to find out more.

For example, we can reduce air, ocean and road freight emissions by switching from air to ocean transport on certain stretches of a given supply chain. Depending on the situation, significant carbon savings can be achieved by consolidating goods and by better utilizing load capacities.

We offer intermodal transport solutions that involve the combination of multiple modes of transport, making a fast, cost-effective and more environmentally friendly flow of goods possible.

An example: For shipments traveling from Penang (Malaysia) to Bristol (UK), customers have so far been able to choose between the slower and more carbon-efficient ocean route or the faster but more emissions-intensive air route. Now, with our intermodal solution, we can move shipments from Penang to Dubai via ocean freight and then fly them from there to the UK. Compared to pure air transport, this reduces carbon emissions by half; and compared to pure ocean freight, the goods arrive at their destination up to 20 days earlier.

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Given the wide range of possible solutions in Contract logistics, we advise our clients individually, on a case-by-case basis. We have years of experience in optimizing energy efficiency in warehouses. At many of our locations we have achieved significant carbon emission reductions with new lighting systems, motion detectors and daylight sensors.

Part of our Green Optimization offering is DHL Envirosolutions, providing a range of solutions and consulting around Waste Management, Extended Producer Responsibility and Lead Compliance Partner. The service of DHL Supply Chain helps to improve environmental sustainability and meet legislative requirements, allowing our customers to focus on their core business.

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Customers of DHL Express benefit automatically from the ongoing improvements we make to our network. The increasing use of alternative fuels, electric-powered vehicles, energy efficient warehouses and modern aircrafts allows us to constantly reduce the carbon footprint of every shipment.

Improvements to our DHL aircraft fleet are particularly impressive. For example, AeroLogic, the joint venture airline owned by DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo, operates with eight ultra-modern Boeing 777F aircraft. The 777F emits 20 percent less CO2 than previous models in its class. In road transport, we have introduced over 3,500 vehicles operating with alternative drive systems and fuels or with modified engines or aerodynamic systems.

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