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Green Solutions for Mail and Parcel Shipments

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How DHL’s carbon-neutral shipping works


GOGREEN - Video (in German)

GOGREEN - Enironmentally friendly shipping (in German)

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At  Deutsche PostExternal Link / New Window and  DHL ParcelExternal Link / New Window our attention to climate protection is part of how we do business. Within our delivery network in Germany, we have introduced numerous alternative drive vehicles into our fleet, and over 18,000 mail carriers rely on their bicycles day in and day out. As of 2009, buildings and facilities in Germany under our direct control have been using 100 % green electricity. And we continue to invest in greater energy efficiency for our facilities.

This has reduced the ecological footprint of our business operations. Still: With 65 million letter mail items and three million parcels to deliver daily, we cannot avoid emissions entirely. But with our GOGREEN services we make it possible for our customers to offset the emissions that result from the transport and handling of their mail and parcel items. To achieve this we invest in officially recognized climate protection projects.

Since July 2011, emissions generated from the delivery of parcels within Germany have been automatically offset for our private customers – at no extra cost. For international deliveries of Päckchen and Paket items, customers can opt for climate neutral shipping for a small fee through  DHL Online FrankingExternal Link / New Window*.

Private customers can also go climate neutral with individual letter mail items. Customers can go to our eFilialeExternal Link / New Window* online shop to purchase GOGREEN stickers that are backed by our investments in climate protection projects.

Even our electronic E-POSTBRIEFExternal Link / New Window* service is climate friendly. Although the computers and servers required for email consume electricity and generate carbon emissions, we minimize these emissions through our use of green electricity. And for regular delivery of E-POSTBRIEF items, we automatically offset greenhouse gas emissions for our private customers – again at no extra cost.

* Please note that these sites are available in German only

Our business customers also have the option of climate-friendly services for their letter mail and parcel items. With our GOGREEN logo the Climate Neutral delivery is clearly visible. It’s your statement on behalf of the environment and it lands on the desk of all your customers and business partners. In addition, we issue an official certificate, which you can then use in your PR and communications.

Several renowned companies are already using the GOGREEN services. Since July 2008, we have delivered over 90 million items annually for the Allianz Group – all carbon neutral. In the first two years alone, Allianz was able to offset more than 8,000 tonnes of CO2. The service is also available for press products. Focus publishing house, for example, uses the GOGREEN service for climate-friendly delivery to its subscription customers.

And, of course, business customers can use our GOGREEN service for their domestic and international parcel shipments – regardless of volume. Climate Neutral is available for the following products as an optional service: DHL Paket, DHL Retoure, Paketmarke, DHL Europaket and Weltpaket.