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Undertaking the mobility challenge

What will you find in the coming pages?

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Formula E eStory: Technology

Formula E eStory: Technology

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Formula E eStory

Undertaking the Mobility Challenge

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Dear Reader,

This white paper... is not a white paper. There are numerous studies on Mobility and Innovation and the purpose of this document isn’t to offer yet another one! The eStory Business Initiative is an invitation to a place where the concept of ‘Impossible’ doesn’t exist.

Humans are infinitely resourceful. By working together intelligently, we can create truly great things - as big as we want them to be.

The Founding Partners of Formula E decided that the event would be a platform to boost sustainable innovations, a gateway to the cities of tomorrow and alternative transport. After the very first Formula E season in 2014-2015, this dream is already becoming a reality – and the best is yet to come.

Download our White Paper

Without fear or favor, we start the second Formula E season with a critical and (more importantly) enthusiastic attitude. You will find in here examples of innovations developed at Formula E, or for which Formula E is a fast-track to growth. The set up of such a race is in itself an exceptional event. Here we chose to focus on what is happening behind the scenes. As you will see, Formula E is (much) more than a race. Year after year, we will update this paper with new innovations and new exciting partnerships.

We are not documenting history, we are writing it... enthusiastically!