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DHL eCommerce Event Observer

Canada t.b.a. Possible Postal Strike in Canada: The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) and Canada Post are currently negotiating a new contract. If they don’t reach an agreement, there may be a strike of postal workers in early July.
China 20 Jun Severe Weather and Flight Disruptions in China: Heavy storms have hit the center, the south west and the east of China. Heavy rains caused flooding and traffic disruptions in Shanghai. The airports SHA, PVG, PEK and CAN reported numerous weather-related flight cancellations and delays.

Japan, Thailand 20 Jun Severe Weather in Thailand and Japan: Heavy storms hit Thailand and Japan. In Bangkok, heavy downpours have extensively flooded urban areas, causing traffic disruptions. In Japan, heavy rain has particularly affected the Kumamoto Prefecture, causing flooding and landslides.
Bolivia 21 to 22 Jun Aymara New Year's Day - National
Canada 21 Jun Northwest Territories: Aboriginal Day - Regional
Togo 21 Jun Martyr's Day - National
United Kingdom 21/23/25/27 Jun / 3 Jul Rail Strikes in UK: RMT has announced strike action at Scotrail and Southern Rail. Whilst the Southern Rail strike is scheduled as a 24-hour strike, Scotrail is to expect further strike actions.
Croatia 22 Jun Anti-Fascist Resistance Day - National
Estonia 23 Jun Victory Day - National
Italy 23 to 24 Jun Rail Strike in Italy: Railway unions in Italy have announced a 24-hour rail strike particularly affecting cargo traffic.
Latvia 23 Jun Midsummer - National
Luxembourg 23 Jun Grand Duke's Birthday - National
Canada 24 Jun Québec: St. Jean Baptiste Day - Regional

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania 24 Jun Midsummer (St.John's Day) - National
France 2 to 27 Jun New Strike Announcement by Air France Pilots: Air France pilot unions announced to stage another 4-day strike.
Philippines 24 Jun Manila: Manila Day - Local
Spain 24 Jun Catalonia, Galicia: St. John the Baptist Day - Regional
Venezuela 24 Jun Battle of Carabobo - National
Croatia 25 Jun Statehood Day - National

Finland, Sweden 25 Jun Midsummer - National
Slovenia 25 Jun National Day - National
Azerbaijan 26 to 27 Jun Armed Forces Day - National
Canada 27 Jun Newfoundland and Labrador: Discovery Day - Regional
Chile 27 Jun St. Peter and St. Paul - National
Iran 27 Jun Martyrdom of Imam Ali - National
Ukraine 27 Jun Public Holiday - National
Bosnia Herzegovina 28 Jun Republika Srpska: St. Vitus Day - Regional
Spain 28 to 29 Jun ATC Strike in Madrid: Air traffic controllers at Madrid's Adolfo Suárez Barajas (MAD) airport have called a 2-day strike.
Ukraine 28 Jun Constitution Day - National
Italy 29 Jun Rome: St. Peter and St. Paul - Local

Malta, Peru 29 Jun St. Peter and St. Paul - National
Switzerland 29 Jun Graubünden, Ticino: St. Peter and St. Paul - Regional
Egypt 30 Jun Revolution Day - National
Canada 01 Jul Canada Day - National
Ghana 01 Jul Republic Day - National
Hong Kong 01 Jul Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day - National
India 01 Jul Jammu/Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh: Jumat-ul-Wida - Regional
Colombia 04 Jul St. Peter and St. Paul - National
Indonesia 04 Jul Public Holiday - National
United States 04 Jul Independence Day - National
Brazil 05 Jun Tornado Hits Campinas in Brazil: A devastating tornado ravaged the city of Campinas in São Paulo state, causing severe damage.
United States 05 Jun Flight Disruptions in New York and New Jersey: Weather conditions prompted numerous flight delays and cancellations at New York's airports JFK, LGA and EWR.
Iceland 06 Jun Flight Disruptions in Iceland: Due to industrial action by air traffic controllers some delays on flights to and from Iceland are to be expected. The departure of morning flights from Iceland to Europe is delayed as well as afternoon flights from Europe to Iceland.
United States 06 Jun State of Emergency in Florida: In preparation for Tropical Storm Colin, which is to hit Florida with violent gusts of wind, heavy rainfall and tornadoes, the state of emergency was declared in 34 counties. At Tampa Airport, flights were already canceled or postponed.
Brunei Darussalam 07 Jun Puasa (Begin of Ramadan) - National
France 07 Jun Current and Upcoming Strikes in France: Airport workers at CDG threaten to go on strike on 7 June. Dates for the strike of Air France pilots, also planned for June, have not yet been announced.
Malta 07 Jun Sette Giugno - National
India 08 Jun Punjab: Martyrdom Day of Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji - Regional
China, Hong Kong, Macao (China), Taiwan 09 Jun Dragon Boat Festival - National
Jordan 09 Jun King Abdullah's Accession to the Throne - National
Spain 09 Jun La Rioja: Day of La Rioja - Regional
Spain 09 Jun Murcia: Day of Murcia - Regional
Portugal 10 Jun National Day - National
Spain 10/12/14/16 Jun National Rail Strikes in Spain: Spanish train drivers' and railway workers' union SEMAF has called four 24-hour national rail strikes.
Taiwan 10 Jun Public Holiday - National
United States 10 to 11 Jun Hawaii: Kamehameha Day - Regional
Israel 12 Jun Shavuot (Pentecost) - National
Paraguay 12 Jun Chaco Armistice Day - National
Philippines 12 Jun Independence Day - National
Russia 12 to 13 Jun Russia Day - National
Australia 13 Jun all except Western Australia: The Queen's Birthday - Regional
Portugal 13 Jun Lisbon: St. Anthony's Day - Local
Spain 13 Jun Ceuta: San Antonio - Local
Azerbaijan 15 Jun National Day of Salvation - National
South Africa 16 Jun Youth Day - National
El Salvador 17 Jun Father's Day - National
Iceland 17 Jun National Day - National
Italy 17 Jun Strike Announcement of Aviation Staff in Italy: Meridiana and Alitalia staff in Rome (Fiumicino) and Milan (Linate, Malpensa) as well as air traffic controllers and airport workers in Milan (Linate, Malpensa), have announced air traffic strikes.
United States 17 Jun Massachusetts: Bunker Hill Day - Regional
Cambodia 18/20 Jun Ex-Queen Norodom Monineath's Birthday - National
Greece, Romania, Ukraine 19 Jun Whit Sunday (orthodox) - National
Sri Lanka 19 Jun Poson Full Moon Poya Day - National
Trinidad and Tobago 19 to 20 Jun Labor Day - National
United States 19 Jun Texas: Emancipation Day - Regional
Argentina 20 Jun Flag Day - National
Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Ukraine 20 Jun Whit Monday (orthodox) - National
India 20 Jun Haryana: Sant Kabir Jayanti - Regional
United States 20 Jun West Virginia: West-Virginia-Day - Regional