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DHL eCommerce Event Observer

United States 02 Jan Flight Disruptions in Chicago: Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW) has experienced dozens of flight cancellations and flight delays.
Azerbaijan, Montenegro, New Zealand, Serbia 03 Jan New Year's Holiday - National
Burkina Faso 03 Jan Revolution Day - National
Russia 3 to 6 Jan New Year's Holiday - National
United Kingdom 03 Jan Scotland: New Year's Holiday - Regional
Azerbaijan 04 Jan New Year's Holiday - National
India 05 Jan Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu/Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan: Guru Govind Singh Jayanti - Regional
Bosnia Herzegovina 06 Jan Republika Srpska: Christmas Eve (orthodox) - Regional
Lots of countries (Europe) 06 Jan Epiphany - National
Montenegro 06 Jan Christmas Eve (orthodox) - National
Bosnia Herzegovina 07 Jan Republika Srpska: Christmas Day (orthodox) - Regional
Cambodia 07 Jan Victory Day over the Genocidal Regime - National
Egypt 07 Jan Coptic Christmas - National
Several Countries (Eastern Europe) 07 Jan Christmas Day (orthodox) - National
Bosnia Herzegovina 09 Jan Republika Srpska: Republic Day - Regional
Cambodia 09 Jan Victory Day over the Genocidal Regime Holiday - National
Colombia 09 Jan Epiphany Holiday - National
Japan 09 Jan Coming of Age Day - National
Montenegro, Ukraine 09 Jan Christmas Day Holiday (orthodox) - National
Panama 09 Jan Martyrs' Day - National
The Bahamas 10 Jan Majority Rule Day - National
India 11 Jan Assam: Fateha Dwaj Daham - Regional
Morocco 11 Jan Independence Manifesto Day (1944) - National
India 12 Jan West Bengal: Swami Vivekananda Jayanti - Regional
Sri Lanka 12 Jan Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day - National
India 13 Jan Andhra Pradesh, Telangana: Bhogi / Bogi Pandigai - Regional
United States 13 Jan Virginia: Lee Jackson Day - Regional
Bosnia Herzegovina 14 Jan Republika Srpska: New Year's Day (orthodox) - Regional
India 14 Jan Andhra Pradesh, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu: Pongal - Regional
India 14 Jan Assam, Gujarat, Karnataka, Telangana: Makara Samkranti / Magh Bihu - Regional
Malaysia 14 Jan Negeri Sembilan: State Public Holiday - Regional
Sri Lanka 14 Jan Tamil Thai Pongal Day - National
Tunisia 14 Jan Revolution and Youth Day - National
India 15 Jan Andhra Pradesh, Assam: Kanuma Panduga - Regional
India 15 Jan Puducherry, Tamil Nadu: Thiruvalluvar Day - Regional
Malaysia 15 Jan Kedah: State Public Holiday - Regional
India 16 Jan Tamil Nadu: Uzhavar Thirunal - Regional
United States 16 Jan Martin Luther King Day - National
United States 16 Jan Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi: Robert E. Lee's Birthday - Regional
United States 16 Jan Arizona, New Hampshire: Civil Rights Day - Regional
United States 16 Jan Idaho: Human Rights Day - Regional
Guatemala 25 Nov to 15 Jan Temporary Suspension of Postal Services to Guatemala: Temporary suspension of international mail services due to staffing and logistical difficulties. Deutsche Post AG will suspend postal services (letters, parcels) to Guatemala. All incoming items to Guatemala will be stamped and returned to sender during this period.
Argentina 19 Dec Transport Strike in Argentina: A transport strike, which began in Argentina on 19 December at 4 a.m. (local time), has prompted the cancellation of hundreds of domestic and international flights to and from airports across the country.
Spain 19 Dec Severe Flooding in Parts of Spain: Heavy rain has caused severe flooding in eastern and southeastern Spain, particularly affecting the regions of Valencia, Murcia and Cartagena.
Sri Lanka 19 Dec Postal Strike in Sri Lanka: The combined Postal Trade Unions’ Front in Sri Lanka will launch a 48-hour strike. As a result of the strike, work at the central mail exchange, as well as the main and sub post offices island-wide could be at a complete standstill.
United Kingdom 19 to 20 Dec Strike Affecting a Small Number of POST OFFICE Branches: Strike action will affect less than 300 POST OFFICE branches and 97% of its 11,600 branches will be operating as normal. The strike does not affect Royal Mail.
Macao (China) 20 Dec Macau SARE Day - National
South Korea 20 to 31 Dec Announcement of Pilot Strike at Korean Air: Unionized pilots of Korean Air Lines Co. will hold a 12-day strike.
United Kingdom 22 to 24 Dec Strike Announcement by Post Office Workers: Thousands of Post Office workers are threatening to walk out during the Christmas period. If the strike takes place as scheduled, 300 Post Offices will either shut up shop or operate with skeleton staff.
Zimbabwe 22 Dec National Unity Day - National
Japan 23 Dec Emperor's Birthday - National
United Kingdom 23 to 26 Dec Strikes at British Airways and at 18 Airports Across the UK: British Airways cabin crew belonging to the Unite union are due to strike on 25 and 26 December. In addition, Unite members employed by Swissport as baggage handlers and other ground staff (including cargo crew) at 18 airports across the UK are set to walk out on 23 and 24 December.
United States 23 Dec 10 States: Christmas Eve Holiday - Regional
Lots of Countries (Worldwide) 24 Dec Christmas Eve - National
Lots of Countries (Worldwide) 25 Dec Christmas Day - National
Pakistan 25 Dec Quaid-e-Azam's Birthday - National
Lots of Countries (Worldwide) 26 Dec Second Day of Christmas / Boxing Day - National
Namibia 26 Dec Family Day - National
Pakistan 26 Dec Quaid-e-Azam's Birthday Holiday - National
Slovenia 26 Dec Independence and Unity Day - National
South Africa 26 Dec Day of Goodwill - National
Australia, Hong Kong, Jamaica, New Zealand 27 Dec Boxing Day Holiday - National
Philippines 30 Dec Rizal Day - National
United States 30 to 31 Dec Louisiana, Michigan, Wisconsin: New Year's Eve - Regional
Azerbaijan 31 Dec World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day - National
Iceland, Latvia, Philippines, Thailand, Venezuela 31 Dec New Year's Eve - National
Lots of Countries (Worldwide) 01 Jan New Year's Day - National
Slovakia, Taiwan 01 Jan Republic Day - National
Canada 02 Jan Québec: Bank Holiday - Regional
Lots of Countries (Worldwide) 02 Jan New Year's Holiday - National
South Africa 02 Jan Public Holiday - National
Switzerland 02 Jan 14 Cantons: St. Berchtold's Day - Regional