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DHL eCommerce Event Observer

New Zealand 12 Mar Sustained Severe Weather in Parts of New Zealand: Following sustained heavy rainfall in parts of the North Island, parts of Auckland experienced flash-flooding during a severe storm, causing power outages and traffic disruptions due to road closures. Also, State Highway 1 near Kaikoura (South Island) remains blocked by floodwater.
Germany 13 to 15 Mar Ground Staff Extends Strike Action at Berlin Airports: According to media reports, ground staff at the Berlin airports Tegel (TXL) and Schönefeld (SXF) extend their strike action by another 24 hours.
Peru 13 Mar Flooding and Landslides in Large Areas of Peru: Heavy rain has caused flooding and landslides in 711 districts of Peru; the northern coast is particularly affected. Further torrential rain is predicted for the coming days.
United States 13 to 15 Mar Northeast - Winter Storm Stella – Massive Flight Cancellations in the US: Due to winter storm Stella, numerous flights have already been cancelled, with airports in New York, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington worst hit. The US states of New York and New Jersey have declared states of emergency. In Connecticut, a statewide travel ban has been announced.
Finland 14 Mar Today's Aviation Strikes in Finland Called Off: The strikes that the Finnish Aviation Union IAU had planned for today have been cancelled. Finnair thus aims to operate its traffic normally on 14 March. Negotiations to avoid the strikes planned for 17, 22, 23 and 24 March will continue.
Hungary 15 Mar 1848 Revolution Memorial Day - National
India 16 Mar Announcement of Nationwide Strike: The Indian Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers (CCGEW) has called on one-day strike to take place on 16 March; postal employees want to participate in the strike.
Ireland 17 Mar St. Patrick's Day - National
United Kingdom 17 Mar Northern Ireland: St. Patrick's Day - Regional
United States 17 Mar Massachusetts: Evacuation Day - Regional
France 18 to 20 Mar Air France - Possible Strike of Flight Attendants: Two unions representing nearly half of Air France's flight attendants have called for a three-day strike from 18 to 20 March. Further details are not yet known.
Austria 19 Mar Carinthia, Styria, Tyrol, Vorarlberg: St. Joseph's Day - Regional
Iran 19 Mar Oil Nationalization Day - National
19 Mar St. Joseph's Day - National
Switzerland 19 Mar Graubünden, Luzern, Nidwalden, Solothurn, Schwyz, Ticino, Uri, Valais: St. Joseph's Day - Regional
Azerbaijan 20 to 24 Mar Persian New Year's Day - National
Canada 20 Mar Newfoundland and Labrador : St. Patrick's Day - Regional
Colombia 20 Mar St. Joseph's Day - National
Italy 20 Mar Announcement of New Aviation Strikes in Italy: The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport informs about a 24-hour nationwide aviation strike. Besides the aviation unions' call for a general strike, the strike will be supported as follows:
• Air Traffic Controllers: 13:00 - 17:00 Unless averted, significant flight disruptions are expected. Please refer to the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport regarding up-to-date strike information.
Japan 20 Mar Vernal Equinox - National
Mexico 20 Mar Benito Juárez Day - National
New Zealand 20 Mar Otago: Provincial Anniversary Day - Regional
Spain 20 Mar Extremadura, Madrid: St. Joseph's Day - Regional
Tunisia 20 Mar Independence Day - National
India 21 Mar Jammu/Kashmir: Nauroz - Regional
Iran 21 to 24 Mar Norooz (Persian New Year) - National
Namibia 21 Mar Independence Day - National
South Africa 21 Mar Human Rights Day - National
India 22 Mar Bihar: Bihar Day - Regional
India 23 Mar Punjab: Martyrdom Day of Shaheed Bhagat Singh - Regional
India 23 Mar Haryana: Death of Sardar Bhagat Singh - Regional
Malaysia 23 Mar Johor: State Public Holiday - Regional
Pakistan 23 Mar Pakistan Day - National
Argentina 24 Mar Truth and Justice Day - National
Cyprus 25 Mar Greek Independence Day - National
Greece 25 Mar Independence Day - National
United States 26 to 27 Mar Hawaii: Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day - Regional
United States 27 Mar Alaska: Seward's Day - Regional
Bolivia 21 Feb Resumption of Postal Services to Bolivia: Deutsche Post AG reports that postal services to Bolivia have resumed. As of 21 February 2017, all stored letters and parcels to Bolivia will be gradually shipped.
Morocco 23 Feb Severe Weather: Strong winds and heavy rain triggered flooding in numerous Moroccan provinces and cities, made roads impassable, and caused damage to buildings. Particularly affected are Casablanca, Mohammedia, Benslimane, Rabat, Skhirat-Témara, Salé, Kénitra, Larache, Sidi Kacem, Sidi Slimane and Nouacer.
Chile 26 Feb Severe Weather: Heavy rain triggered flooding and mudslides in Chile. Particularly affected were the regions of Valparaiso, Santiago and O'Higgins. Please be prepared for traffic disruptions.
28 Feb Carnival / Shrove Tuesday - National Holiday
Spain 28 Feb Andalusia: Day of Andalusia - Regional Holiday
Taiwan 28 Feb Peace Memorial Day - National Holiday
United States 28 Feb Alabama, Louisiana, Florida: Carnival / Shrove Tuesday - Regional Holiday
Greece 1/3 Mar Athens - Traffic Disruption: Strike actions by subway, city railway and tram drivers are announced and massive traffic jams on almost all major access roads in the Greater Athens area are to be expected. The strike is supposed to last for 24 hours.
Bosnia Herzegovina 1 Mar Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Independence Day - Regional Holiday
Jamaica 1 Mar Ash Wednesday - National Holiday
Paraguay 1 Mar National Heroes Day - National Holiday
South Korea 1 Mar Independence Movement Day - National Holiday
Spain 1 Mar Balearic Islands: Day of the Balearic Islands - Regional Holiday
Switzerland 1 Mar Neuchâtel: Republic Day - Regional Holiday
Iran 2 Mar Martyrdom of Hazart Fatemesh - National Holiday
United States 2 Mar Texas: Texas Independence Day - Regional Holiday
United Kingdom 3 to 9 Mar British Airways - Cabin Crew Announce Seven-Day Strike: British Airways cabin crew have announced a further seven days of strikes from 00:01 on 3 March to 23:59 on 9 March. British Airways will publish contingency plans and expects minor effects.
Finland 3/5/6/8/10 Mar Helsinki-Vantaa Airport - Aviation Strikes: The Finnish Aviation Union (IAU) as well as the trade union Pro, have planned aviation strikes as follows: Ground and security staff at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Friday, 03 March: 14:00 to 19:00 Monday, 06 March: 03:00 to 09:00 Wednesday, 08 March: 15:00 to 19:00 Friday, 10 March: 15:00 to 19:00 Air traffic to, from and above Finland might be affected.
Thailand 3 Mar to 5 May Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) - Flight Delays: From 3 March until 5 May, one of the Suvarnabhumi International Airport’s three runways will be closed for maintenance and repair work. Flight delays are anticipated during this period, especially during the peak hours.
Bulgaria 3 Mar Liberation Day - National Holiday
Georgia 3 Mar Mother's Day - National Holiday
Malaysia 4 Mar Terengganu: State Public Holiday - Regional Holiday
India 5 Mar Odisha (Orissa): Panchayati Raj Divas - Regional Holiday
Australia 6 Mar Western Australia: Labour Day - Regional Holiday
Ghana 6 Mar Independence Day - National Holiday
United States 6 Mar Illinois: Casimir Pulaski Day - Regional Holiday
France 7 Mar Air France - Strike Action: The French aviation union CGT has called on all Air France union members to go on strike on 7 March. The national civil servants will strike on the same day.
United States 7 Mar Vermont: Town Meeting Day - Regional Holiday
Burkina Faso
8 Mar Women's Day - National Holiday
Lithuania 11 Mar Independence Restoration Day - National Holiday
India 12 Mar 11 States: Dolapurnima / Doljatra / Holika Dahan - Regional Holiday
Mauritius 12 Mar National Day - National Holiday
Sri Lanka 12 Mar Madin Full Moon Poya Day - National Holiday
Australia 13 Mar Tasmania, Victoria: Eight Hours Day - Regional Holiday
Australia 13 Mar South Australia: Adelaide Cup Day - Regional Holiday
Australia 13 Mar Australian Capital Territory: Canberra Day - Regional Holiday
India 13 Mar 19 States: Holi / Dhuleti - Regional Holiday
New Zealand 13 Mar Taranaki: Provincial Anniversary Day - Regional Holiday