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DHL eCommerce Event Observer

India 11 Oct Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Orissa, Tripura, West Bengal: Dussehra (Maha Ashtami) - Regional
India 11 Oct 11 states: Dussehra (Maha Navami) - Regional
India 11 Oct Sikkim, Tripura, West Bengal: Dussehra (Maha Saptami) - Regional
India 11 Oct 28 states: Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami) - Regional
Iran 11 Oct Tasua - National
Macedonia 11 Oct Uprising Against Facism Day - National
Pakistan 11 to 12 Oct Ashura - National
Brazil 12 Oct Our Lady Aparecida / Children's Day - National
India 12 Oct 17 states: Muharram / Ashura - Regional
Iran 12 Oct Ashura - National
Israel 12 Oct Yom Kippur (Day of Atonment) - National
Spain 12 Oct National Day - National
The Bahamas 12 Oct National Heroes Day - National
United States 12 Oct Texas: Yom Kippur Day - Regional
Venezuela 12 Oct Indigenous Resistance's Day - National
India 13 Oct Tripura, West Bengal: Lakshmi Puja - Regional
Georgia 14 Oct Mzchetoba (georgian-orthodox public holiday) - National
Sri Lanka 15 Oct Vap Full Moon Poya Day - National
Tunisia 15 Oct Evacuation Day - National
India 16 Oct Haryana, Karnataka, Punjab: Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti - Regional
Colombia 17 Oct Columbus Day - National
Costa Rica 17 Oct Culture Day - National
Israel 17 Oct Sukkot (Harvest) - National
Jamaica 17 Oct National Heroes Day - National
Azerbaijan 18 Oct Independence Day - National
United States 18 Oct Alaska: Alaska Day - Regional
India 19 Oct Karaka Chaturthi - National
Kenya 20 Oct Mashujaa Day - National
Bahrain 22 to 23 Oct Ashura - National
Cambodia 23 Oct Commemoration of the Peace Agreement - National
Hungary 23 Oct Republic Day - National
Macedonia 23 to 24 Oct Day of the Macedonian Revolution - National
Thailand 23 to 24 Oct Chulalongkorn Day - National
Israel 24 Oct Simchat Torah - National
New Zealand 24 Oct Labor Day - National
Austria 12 Sep to 3 Oct Klagenfurt Airport to Close for Three Weeks: Klagenfurt Airport (KLU) will be closed to all air traffic due to runway maintenance work. The reopening is planned for 4 October.
Australia 26 Sep to 9 Oct Effects of Border Agency Strikes in Australia: Staff of the Department of Immigration and Border and of Agriculture, responsible for overseeing customs clearance at all inbound OEs in Australia, will walk out for 30 minutes at a time between 26 September and 9 October, the length and frequency of the stoppages being at the discretion of the staff. The strike action will lead to delays for both letters and parcels.
Belgium 27 Sep Wallonia: French Community Day
France 27 to 28 Sep Planned Strike Actions at Air France and at CDG: In addition to Air France union CGT which announced strike actions by its members for 27 September, also the union SUD has called its members for a strike at CDG on 27 and 28 September.
Taiwan 27 Sep Typhoon Megi Hits Taiwan: Typhoon Megi made landfall in northeastern Taiwan. Work has been canceled across Taiwan. Around 600 international and domestic flights have been canceled, numerous were delayed.
Thailand 27 Sep Severe Flooding in Thailand: Thailand has been hit by widespread flooding following heavy monsoon rain. In total, 17 provinces in northern, northeastern and central regions of Thailand are affected by severe flooding.
Czech Republic 28 Sep Czech Statehood Day
Paraguay 28 Sep Boquerón Battle Victory Day
France 29 Sep Strike Announcement of French Customs Officers: Customs officers in France have announced to stage a countrywide strike.
Italy 29 to 30 Sep Strike Announcement in the Railway Sector in Italy: Railway employees of the Italian train operators FSI, NTV, Trenitalia, Serfer, SBB Cargo Italia and DB Cargo Italia have announced a 24-hour strike from September 29, 21:00 until September 30, 21:00.
India 30 Sep Karnataka, West Bengal: Mahalaya
Lebanon End of September Transport Union Calls for General Strike in Lebanon: Lebanon's public drivers' union called for a general strike at the end of September. Public transportation drivers will block roads and paralyze public transportation. Convoys will move from Beirut's Cola area and Dora area to Riad al-Solh square.
China 1 to 7 Oct National Day
Cyprus 1 Oct Independence Day
Germany 1 Oct t.b.a. Possible Strikes at Eurowings: The Independent Flight Attendants' Organisation (UFO) has broken up current wage negotiations for cabin crew of Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings without results. Strikes are possible from 1 October.

Hong Kong, Macao (China), Nigeria 1 Oct National Day
India 2 Oct Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday
Indonesia 2 Oct Islamic New Year
Australia 3 Oct Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, South Australia: Labor Day
Australia 3 Oct Queensland: The Queen's Birthday
Cambodia 3 Oct Bonn Phchum Ben
Germany 3 Oct German Unity Day
Israel 3 to 4 Oct Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year)
Muslim Countries 3 Oct Islamic New Year
South Korea 3 Oct Foundation Day
United States 3 Oct Texas: Rosh Hashana Day
Brunei Darussalam 4 Oct Islamic New Year
Portugal 5 Oct Republic Day
Egypt 6 Oct Armed Forces Day
Croatia 8 Oct Independence Day
Peru 8 Oct Battle of Angamos
Ecuador 9 Oct Independence of Guayaquil
Macao (China) 9 Oct Festival of Ancestors
South Korea 9 Oct Hangeul Proclamation Day
Spain 9 Oct Valencia: Day of Valencia
Argentina 10 Oct Day of respect for cultural diversity
Austria 10 Oct Carinthia: Referendum Day
Canada 10 Oct Thanksgiving Day
Chile 10 Oct Columbus Day
Hong Kong 10 Oct Chung Yeung Festival
Japan 10 Oct Sports Day
Taiwan 10 Oct National Day
United States 10 Oct 17 states: Columbus Day