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DHL eCommerce Solutions Business Customers get access to the easy-to-use Customer Web Portal. The Portal offers various functionalities for shipment preparation and tracking.

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Easily Manage Your Shipments

  • Automated label printing and immediate tracking number generation
  • Upload in bulk for large merchants
  • Immediate  reports

Pack It Up: Shipping Preparation and Easy Label Creation Using the Web Portal

  1. Pack your individual shipments in your own branded or plain packaging. (No visible DHL or other International logistics provider logos).
  2. Print your lables after Shipment Creation via the Web Portal. Attach one shipment label per individual shipment.
  3. Individual shipment will need to be grouped into a collective shipment by placing each individual shipment into a large bag or box.
  4. Request a pick up in Web Portal and attach pick up label on outside of the collective shipment
  5. Seal the collective shipment (large bag or box) securely either using cable ties for bags or durable tape for boxes so no shipments can be lost in transit to the Distribution Center.
  6. Hand over the collective shipment to the driver.


  • Milestone tracking events for visibility of shipments

Step-by-step Tutorials

Want to know more about the portal functions? Check out the video tutorials:



Still Have Questions about How to Use the Customer Web Portal?

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