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AIESEC internship program


Since 1996, we've been partnering with AIESEC to offer undergraduates and master's degree students the chance to do 6-12 month developmental internships at our corporate divisions around the world. AIESEC interns enjoy real experience on complex projects, and the chance to gain the sort of skills required by global organizations such as ours.

What You'll Need

The qualifications necessary for an internship in the AIESEC program mostly depend on the requirements of the department offering the position. In selecting participants, we focus on these specific requirements for each position. Therefore, we suggest you carefully read the job requirements before applying.

Below, you will find the general requirements which apply to all positions:


  • Above average grades
  • To be enrolled in bachelor or master studies


  • Excellent English skills
  • Exceptional knowledge of MS Office
  • First-hand practical experience


  • Good analytical skills and swift perception
  • Independent and goal-oriented work
  • Ability to work proactively in a team, the drive to generate results and a can-do attitude

Application Process

If you’re interested in the AIESEC program and want to experience working in a culturally diverse environment or just develop your intellectual, communicative and professional knowledge, you should apply.


All internship opportunities offered by Deutsche Post DHL Group are posted on the global AIESEC internship website.

Interested candidates can apply for the available opportunities on this website. In order to apply, simply complete the short registration on the website. When the deadline for the available position is reached, all application forms received will be reviewed and a shortlist produced based on the information provided. If you experience any technical issues with the website registration, just consult your national AIESEC office.



Within a week following the closing date for the position, the recruitment coordinator will pre-screen all applicants’ profiles. This step of the process will focus on the various skills and information provided by the candidates in their application packages to verify the ‘fit to position’.

The recruitment coordinator will also verify the ‘student status’ of the shortlisted candidates applying for internship opportunities offered in Germany. After pre-selection and verification by the recruitment coordinator, a candidate shortlist will be sent to the hiring manager who will then decide on who will be interviewed.



During this stage the hiring manager will interview the shortlisted candidates from the pre-selection process and select the most suitable candidate for the position.



The selected candidate will be guided through an on-boarding process in order to enable the candidate to meet all legal requirements and travel to the respective destination of their internship. This process is mainly coordinated by the host AIESEC entity with support from the recruitment coordinator.



This is the last part of the process, where the selected candidate arrives at the respective DHL office, signs a contract and starts an amazing and potentially highly rewarding internship experience.

Andrea Giraldo Tabares
Talent Management Expert, DHL Global Forwarding Freight


I believe AIESECers make a perfect match with DPDHL Group because they adapt easily to different environments, work proactively, are innovative and bring always fresh ideas to the table. My experience in AIESEC definitely made a difference when joining the company as provided me with leadership and personal skills that I get to use on daily basis with my role in Human Resources.


Matt Benfield
After Sales Europe, DHL Global Forwarding


Starting my career as an intern with DPDHL Group has given me the chance to explore my passions in a multicultural work environment. In a short time, I’ve been able to figure out what my career path will look like.

Important Tips & FAQs

  • Present in over 120 countries and territories and with over 80.000 members, AIESEC is the world's largest youth-run organization. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to participate in international internships, experience leadership and participate in a global learning environment. What makes AIESEC unique is the impactful, youth-driven experience it offers its members. AIESEC is run by young people, for young people, enabling valuable experience to all its stakeholders. If you have further questions regarding AIESEC, please visit the AIESEC website on

  • Take a look at the AIESEC Expa platform to find the right DHL internship opportunity for you. Then apply to this position via Expa, considering all requirements for this specific position, e.g. student status, functional and language skills.

  • Your application is always the key to a successful career change. The application – including, CV, cover letter and letters of reference - is initially the only thing your potential employer knows about you. Consequently, your application should be done in a way that gives the reader a good idea about your qualifications and interests. Every application is something special and personal. However, an application should definitely meet three requirements: It must be orderly. It must be well structured, and it must be complete.

    • 'Orderly' means that you should carefully check your text for phrasing and spelling mistakes!
    • 'Well-structured' means that your cover letter should concisely provide the most important information: Which position are you applying for? Why are you interested in the job, and what are your expectations? And what makes you specially qualified for the job? Your resume should be written in a tabular form, beginning with your latest employer.
    • 'Complete' means that an application includes a cover letter, a resume and important letters of recommendation as well as any other information required as student enrollment status or graduation certificate. Give your application a personal touch.
  • The minimum duration for an internship is 6 month and a maximum of 12 month. Besides that the internship duration may vary between 6 to 12 month based on the needs of your hiring manager and the country.

  • Most of the internships are offered in Germany, USA, Latin America and Singapore. However DPDHL Group operates in 220 countries and territories, and therefore an internship can be raised within any of those countries based on need. In Germany the main locations are our Global Headquarters in Bonn, as well as Frankfurt, Leipzig or Hamburg.

Your Contact to Us

For any questions regarding our AIESEC Internship Program please contact our Recruiting Team