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Operations - Deliver Excellence on the Frontline

Our teams put the customer first in everything we do. From our warehouses to the roads, across the sea and through the sky – as well as customs, health & safety, and supply chain solutions, we are always looking for diligent and passionate individuals within the Group to join us.

  • The teams that provide the manpower, expertise and sheer hard work needed to ensure that everything that comes in and goes out of our warehouses does so properly and promptly.

  • It takes a huge, dedicated team of people to make sure each and every one of our deliveries makes it to the right place at the right time, every time. And, when it comes to moving something from point A to B - whether it’s a single package being delivered locally in a van or an international consignment being shipped across the world on a freighter - our Freight & Transportation teams keep everything running smoothly.

  • Where would we be without our Drivers and Couriers? They’re the reliable hands and smiling face of DHL. Come rain or shine, night or day, they do whatever it takes to ensure the safe, secure and speedy delivery of our customers’ letters and parcels, time and time again.

  • Just imagine all the equipment, systems, machinery and infrastructure needed to run an organization like DHL. Our Engineering & Maintenance teams are responsible for overseeing and maintaining it all, keeping everything fully functional and operating safely & efficiently, 24/7.

  • Our customers come in all shapes and sizes – from small, enterprising start-ups to many of the world’s top brands and biggest corporations. Developing tailored and innovative supply chain solutions that can meet the demands and challenges of them all is what makes our Supply Chain Solutions people the much admired and highly valued team that they are.

  • Thanks to the hard work and diligence of our expert and experienced team, our customers can relax knowing they’ve got a one-stop shop for all their customs, security and shipment value protection needs. Our people help to move goods seamlessly all around the world, ensuring complete security in challenging environments and providing shipment value protection against unforeseen events.

  • It takes a hard working team of professional and conscientious individuals to create a safe, healthy working environment - not only for our colleagues but also for our customers and the general public. Luckily, we’ve got just the right people to do it. By focusing on the unique challenges that DHL faces, our Health, Safety & Environment teams work with every department across the organization to provide the guidance, advice and support they need to meet all their Health & Safety requirements.

  • All around the world, our customers rely on DHL to fly their letters and parcels to wherever they need them to be with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss. This is why we rely on our exceptional Pilots & Flight Operations teams to help us make sure that’s exactly what we do.

Corporate Functions

Connect our teams to success

We need the right talent in Management, Finance, IT, HR, Strategy and other functions to enable our teams to positively impact people’s lives. So join us and make a difference.

  • A global organization like ours simply couldn’t operate without a massive infrastructure of cutting-edge information technology. Developing, setting up and managing the right, innovative & cost-effective IT solutions that will meet all of our business and customer needs - both now and in the future - is the job of our highly talented IT teams.

  • Our Finance & Controlling teams are responsible for the financial management of the business; helping to strategize and plan policies and procedures that meet our business objectives while adhering to compliance regulations and guidelines.

  • If you want to stay at number one, you need to constantly evolve and innovate your business - be it on a strategic, a technical or an operational level. Our Consulting & Project Management teams use both tried and tested and cutting-edge methods and knowledge to focus on and implement projects that will help keep the Group at the forefront of the Logistics market.

  • Finding the best people, getting the best from them and doing the best for them. Our HR teams work alongside our line managers to find, develop and retain the talented, enthusiastic individuals who make DHL the superb organization it is.

  • Everything Procurement does helps us to run more efficiently, operate more competitively and expand and maintain our market position. As part of the team, you’ll be helping to manage purchasing spend and control the cost of goods and services across every category, every business and every country we deal with.

  • As a global organization, DHL owns a vast amount of assets all around the world. With everything from delivery vans and aircraft to office equipment and warehouses to keep running smoothly, our Real Estate, Fleet & Facility Management teams are certainly kept busy.

  • Collaborating closely with decision-makers at the highest level of the organization, our Strategy teams use their analytical and problem-solving skills to generate insights and develop a long-term vision for the business. They are also responsible for overseeing the implementation of those all-important frameworks for company growth and profitability.

  • Our Innovation Management teams work tirelessly at finding new ways to simplify the lives of our customers - both today and in the future. Whether it’s the research and development of new technologies, or the integration of existing solutions into new, improved applications, everything they do is designed to make the DHL of tomorrow an even better, more efficient and totally sustainable organization.

Marketing, Sales & Support

Connect our business to the future

Do you have ideas about the future development of our company’s business and products? Are you passionate about improving administration services or generating new marketing ideas? Bring these ideas to DHL and become part of our family of divisions.

  • Our Sales and Business Development teams play a crucial role when it comes to generating revenue and profit for the company. Be it building and maintaining relationships with our existing customers or developing new markets and creating new leads, we never underestimate their skills and contribution.

  • We’re understandably proud of the reputation we’ve built up for having some of the best customer service in the world. So, if you’d like to join the team that put and keeps us there, this is the place to come. You’ll be providing help and support not only to our customers, but also to our dealers, agents, brokers and distributors.

  • Without the help and support of our outstanding Administration team, nothing at DHL would run quite as smoothly and efficiently as it does. They’re the backbone of the organization - the ones who take care of everything from secretarial services and HR support to information management and overseeing training.

  • Whether it’s an international advertising campaign, a regional promotion or an internal piece of communication, Marketing & Communications teams are key to making sure that DHL is always presented in a positive and proactive way. They are involved in developing and implementing marketing plans, establishing guidelines and principles for others to follow, and using the very latest market research and industry trends to get our message across.

  • When it comes to connecting with our customers on a global scale, online shopping is most definitely the key to the future. Our talented eCommerce teams keep abreast of all the latest developments and trends in online shopping to come up with creative and profitable platforms that will provide our customers with an online shopping experience that’s second to none.

Grow With Us!

DHL provides a wide range of career opportunities all over the world - Find the right opportunity for you by exploring our Jobs page or by taking part in one of our programs.