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Disaster Response Through Our DTRS-Disaster Response Teams

After a natural disaster it is crucial that airports do not become bottlenecks and relief goods reach the people in need as fast as possible. In cooperation with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) we therefore established a global network of Disaster Response Teams (DRTs) in 2005, which support airports in case of a disaster. Our DRTs provide logistical support free of charge for the movement of relief supplies, including unloading cargo planes, conducting professional warehousing and inventory management as well as loading the relief goods for onward transportation.

When the United Nations calls on us for support, we deploy our logistics experts to the affected airport within 72 hours. The DRT network consists of over 400 trained DHL volunteers. It covers nearly all parts of the world considered vulnerable to natural disasters with three strategically located teams: the Americas (Panama), Middle East/Africa (Dubai) and Asia-Pacific (Singapore). Since being set up, the DRTs have provided logistical support in more than 30 deployments worldwide.

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