Manage and control shipments with the DHL Same Day Customer Portal

Evelyne Leveke
Evelyne Leveke
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Manage and control shipments with the simplicity of the DHL Same Day Customer Portal

DHL Same Day recently launched its new portal for customers. This online tool was developed specifically for companies with recurring same-day transportation needs. It promises an optimized and efficient workflow for price requests and transport assignments. For customers, the portal offers a quick and easy solution for a variety of transportation tasks and ensures that the same-day department is informed immediately.

User-friendly interface and request process
An intuitive user interface allows users to go through the entire workflow. Once logged in, customers can easily request quotes for different types of transportation, including one pickup, one delivery, one pickup with multiple deliveries or multiple pickups with one delivery. The portal is user-friendly and easy to use. Customers can enter all the necessary information for their transport.

Feasibility check and transparent tariffs
The customer portal is characterized by a quick feasibility check and the creation of tariffs by the same-day department. If the customer provides all the important details, the request is forwarded immediately. This allows rapid planning and calculation of feasibility and costs, which can then be shared with customers via email.

Order tracking and communication
Customers can track the status of their orders directly via the portal, giving them greater transparency and control over their shipments. The portal enables effective communication by sending detailed quotes to customers. This not only keeps customers informed, but also provides formal confirmation of the process.

Overview of historical data and customization
The customer portal provides a comprehensive overview of historical data. The history of all past requests and completed shipments is clearly displayed so that customers can track and analyze their shipping history. Users can design the overview in the portal themselves. For example, they can add or remove data such as pick-up address, airwaybill number, weight, number of parcels and more.

Efficient order placement and document upload
To speed up the processing of future orders, customers can copy and paste orders from their historical data, adjusting pick-up and delivery times, parcel quantities and other details as required. This time-saving feature enables a quick and straightforward process for placing new transportation orders. Additionally, customers can upload important documents such as pro forma invoices, customs documents and images of parcels or pallets directly into the portal to ensure seamless and consolidated processing.

Additional functions
The DHL Same Day customer portal offers additional features that improve the overall customer experience. Checking confirmed shipments through the portal's Track & Trace feature allows customers to monitor the status of their deliveries. Pick-up and delivery proofs can be downloaded in the transport order, providing customers with accurate documentation of their shipments. These features not only allow for increased transparency, but also provide customers with valuable tools to document their shipping activities.

To summarize
The launch of the DHL Same Day Customer Portal is an important step forward for companies with urgent and customized transportation needs. The portal offers features such as historical data and efficient order placement. It helps customers manage, execute and track their same-day shipments.

To take advantage of this tool, companies can register dhlsameday.at and usher in a new era of efficiency in their logistics operations.