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This week's top 5 e-commerce trends: 30 September 2022

Business · 3 min read

Any Other Business: 30 September 2022


Inflation impacting sustainable choices

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to bite, even the most eco-conscious consumers are having to reconsider their purchasing choices. According to Kantar’s Sustainability Sector Index 20221, 65% of global shoppers want to be mindful of the planet but inflation and higher prices are preventing them from doing so.

“Despite all the other crises happening across the world, the desire to become sustainable has not eroded,” said Karine Trinquetel, Kantar’s global head of sustainability transformation practice2. “To realize the mainstream opportunity, brands must scale up and go to market at a price point the mass market can afford. Beyond price, brands must recognize that consumers have a sophisticated understanding of where brands should be focusing in each sector, and develop sustainability strategies that address these concerns.”

Platform connects online sellers to best-in-class tech in seconds

Instant Commerce3, an intuitive headless e-commerce platform, has just completed another round of seed fundraising. The software start-up, which launched earlier this year, helps merchants build storefronts on Shopify’s backend through plug-and-play integrations that don’t require coding.

“Our platform solves a huge challenge for e-commerce brands – how to build a highly functional and engaging online storefront in a fast and cost-effective way without having to rely on a large team of developers,” co-founder Coen van Hees said4. “We’ve experienced an incredible amount of growth in such a short period of time. Now, with this investment we will be able to really ramp up our expansion plans and enter markets beyond Europe.”

Retail giant slots in another sales bonanza

Amazon has announced it will hold a second Prime Day in October. The two-day sales event will be exclusive to Prime members in 15 countries – including the UK and US – who will be given access to hundreds of thousands of deals and discounts globally.

Kicking off on October 11 at midnight, the Prime Early Access Sale will help budget-conscious members “spread out their seasonal spending” amidst rising inflation.

“You may not be ready for panto and mince pies but with fewer than 90 days until Christmas, it’s not too early to start planning your shopping for the festive season ahead, and this exclusive 48-hour sales event will help people save money and shop smarter as we head into the festive season,” a statement from the online marketplace said5.

Are deepfakes the future of marketing?

It may be controversial, but one start-up is utilizing deepfake AI to help e-commerce companies deliver personalized video messages to customers. Through Maverick Lab6, clients have to record a 30-second video just once – such as a welcome or thank you message – then the platform transforms the sample into thousands of videos with the name changed per customer. It means online retailers can send their customers personalized videos at scale, for minimal effort.

“We just need a voice sample, an automated notification and know when to send a video,” said co-founder, Debarshi Chaudhuri7. “Customers can integrate it into their shopping platform and send us a notification when someone places an order. After that, they can set it and forget it.”

Unlike its competitors, which often use avatars, Maverick Lab believes using real humans in the videos gives it an edge. “We think it works best when the real person is behind the brand and the message is augmented for the customer name.”

Maverick Lab claims brands using its technology are enjoying higher conversions, 5x email engagement and +20% repeat purchases. “In addition, videos are driving revenue, so you are investing in not just content creation, but data analytics attribution and how these videos perform compared to other content,” Chaudhuri added.

And finally…

A reminder that DHL has just released its Trade Growth Atlas 2022 report. Tapping into over one million data points, and covering 173 countries, it provides an in-depth analysis of current and future global trade patterns.

“Our aim is for the DHL Trade Growth Atlas to become a go-to resource for understanding and navigating shifts in the global trade landscape. Trade will remain a key driver of prosperity – as it has been for centuries,” said John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express.

If you’re looking to expand internationally, the Trade Growth Atlas will help your business identify the most prosperous cross-border opportunities. Download it here.

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Anna Thompson
Anna Thompson Discover content team

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