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Getting ready for the upcoming New Zealand GST changes

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Getting ready for the upcoming New Zealand GST changes


Michael Reid
E-Commerce Expert, DHL Express

Megan Ellis
Customs & Immigration Counsellor, New Zealand High Commission

Ben Somerville
Senior Manager, Customs & Regulatory Affairs, DHL Express

Is your business selling goods to New Zealand consumers? If so, are you ready for the upcoming changes to New Zealand's GST, effective 1 December, 2019?

Watch our webinar to hear from DHL Express customs expert Ben Somerville and special guest Megan Ellis from the New Zealand High Commission, with moderation from DHL's e-commerce expert Michael Reid.

In the webinar, Ben, Megan and Michael explain key areas of the changes, including:

  • The specifics of the changes
  • The businesses the changes apply to
  • What your customers will experience as a result
  • How your business can benefit from the changes
  • How you can register for NZ GST

Any regulatory information contained herein is for informational purposes only and DHL assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. DHL does not provide specific regulatory or legal advice to the public and you are encouraged to seek your own legal or compliance counsel.

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