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Launching a successful business in just 10 minutes a day

Every year, around the planet, over 100 million new businesses start trading for the very first time.  That’s around 11,000 every hour.

It’s been said we live in the era of the 'Millennipreneurs'. As financial services company BNP Paribas puts it, "Under 35s are creating more companies, with higher headcount and greater profit ambitions than any previous generation …"

Today’s new businesses aren’t necessarily like the ‘Student Start-ups’ of Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates that we’ve seen before. In fact, in the US today, startup entrepreneurs are more likely to be in their mid 30s, juggling career, family and mortgage.

In Latin America, Chile, Columbia and Peru are providing a winning combination of stable economy and governmental financial support to entrepreneurs to deliver greater national growth.

Across the Pacific, China’s new generation of business starters born in the 90s are shunning the constraints of their parents and learning to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of trial and error.

In fact, the desire to become an entrepreneur is now so widespread that it’s being taught in US colleges. The traditional bastion of the maverick business mind is now being homogenized, sanitized and professionalized.

So, what do these new generations of would-be business founders have in common? The ‘slash generation’ as they have been labeled are driven to explore every possible opportunity, often balancing an established career, with a creative outlet and an emotional support structure. The age of the tech-engineer/DJ/dedicated-parent is fast becoming a reality.

Often their most precious commodity is time. The desire for fast, effective business support and information that gets their next new venture going and growing in the spare time they have left after all the imperatives are taken care of is powerful.

The question they pose is whether it’s possible to launch a successful business in just 10 minutes a day, using the tools, apps and support available freely online.

Looking for advice on starting your business?  Below, we explore the possibilities of developing a small or medium-sized enterprise in your spare time. Whether it’s building a business plan on the bus, connecting with a creative in your coffee break, or strategizing your social media output on a Sunday morning, 'How to start your business in just 10 minutes a day' is your essential guide – download your FREE copy below.

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How to launch a successful business in just 10 minutes a day

From downloading a template for your ‘Business plan before breakfast’ to locking down your logistics in your local coffee shop, ‘How to launch a successful business in just 10 minutes a day’ is a FREE and great way to get your business idea off the ground.

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