If you're starting or growing your business' international trade, opening an account with DHL Express will enable fast, reliable delivery, and give you access to a wealth of support and information. This checklist provides a brief overview of what you need to know and information to gather. So whether you're sending one fabric sample to Hong Kong or a hundred automotive parts to Dubai - welcome to DHL Express! Let's get started!

Step 1

Talk to us about opening a DHL Express account and start growing your business internationally! If you're already speaking with a Sales Representative, move on to step 2!

Step 3

Consider the shipping solution that's best for your business. We offer easy to use online shipping, e-commerce checkout integration, and fully integrated business solutions.

Step 5

On Demand Delivery (ODD) is DHL Express’ innovative final mile solution designed to increase first time delivery success and enhance the receiver experience. Increase final-mile delivery success and enhance receiver experience with our On Demand Delivery Service.

Step 7

Quality packaging is key when it comes to preventing damage. Assessing your packing needs is an essential step to determine what’s best for the type of goods you wish to transport.

Step 9

Make billing and invoicing straight forward with our electronic billing service. It's easy to get started – all you need is a DHL Express account number, email address and internet access.

Step 2

When opening your account, you'll need to know your business' registered address, business email and web address, plus your VAT number and EORI number. EORI numbers are essential for international shipping.

Step 4

Review your Customs set-up, identify HS codes for your products, and consider terms of trade. It's best practice to build in Customs duties and taxes, or offer the option to pay at check-out, if shipping to consumers.

Step 6

Embrace green logistics by insetting the CO2 in your supply chain by selecting GoGreen Plus: a dedicated solution to help businesses reduce the carbon emissions associated with their shipments through the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Step 8

Review the speed of service and any optional services you'd like for your shipment. DHL Express offers a wide range of choices, including delivery before 9am to major international destinations, plus non-standard delivery and billing options to suit your needs.

Step 10

Keep in touch with the latest from DHL Express to help you grow internationally. We'll keep you updated with the latest trade news, access to promotions, exclusive invites to special DHL customer events, activities around our sponsorships, webinars, and much more.

Great news, you're ready to go! If you need any help, please contact our team.