10 Products That Will Go "Hot" Internationally Once Travel Ban is Lifted

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The pandemic has affected almost all aspects of our daily lives and the economy, from how we work to the way travel has evolved. Travelling was, probably, the most affected element of this pandemic with international travel bans in place in the last two years. 

Now, with the majority of travel bans lifted, we will witness a sharp increase in the sales of certain products, particularly travel essentials, accessories and gifts. This boom will not only make travelling more convenient for individuals around the world but will also give Hong Kong businesses an opportunity to dive into global markets.

Countries With Travel Bans Lifted – Potential Markets To Explore

With global vaccination regulations at a record high, it made sense for countries to slowly open up their borders. Although there was a sharp increase in the number of cases throughout the world in January 2022 owing to the new Omicron variant, according to CNBC, countries could no longer afford to stay closed – vaccinated travellers can travel albeit with safety precautions wherever required.

In February 2022, Australia and New Zealand opened their borders, followed by the Philippines, Bali, and Malaysia. Joining these countries, Hong Kong also initiated lifting travel bans for nine countries, according to Reuters, with more restrictions being eased in the coming months. This means products can even be marketed to global audiences – tourists – within the country.

Deciding on what’s actually trending can be tricky, but there are some platforms that can offer significant insights. These include:

  • Kickstarter.com: Explore top projects being funded

  • Marketplaces like Wish & Amazon: Identify hottest sales and popular purchases

  • Google Trends: Narrow down to relevant product search queries

So, what travel items can we look at?

10 Products To Consider Selling For Untapped Profits

The most popular travelling accessories and other essential items often packed for travelling that will go hot in the months to follow are:

1. Portable lockbox

Imagine heading to the beach and then having to deal with losing valuables. A stroll down the salty waters won’t be as carefree as one would think. But with a plastic portable lockbox, travellers can store their belongings and have it cable-tied to the beach chairs, so they’ll drive away petty thieves who won’t have the time to look for cable cutters or would be smart enough not to blow their cover by attempting to break the box open. An essential for travelling? Yes, for sure!

2. Travel belts

There’s a high chance travellers have a hand-carry on them. Sometimes, these don’t come with convenient hand sleeves that can slip through the handles of suitcases. With an adjustable travel belt, travellers can secure their bags together easily, so they won’t have their hands full. They also will not have to  lug around a trolley at the airport before check in and when they collect their luggage upon arrival.

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3. In-flight travel accessories

Long flights call for adequate entertainment. Travellers who bring their iPads along can leverage accessories like the Airhook, which comes with a drink holder and a secure mount that attaches to the in-flight tray table (or those of buses). It provides ample space for passengers to move about, making it a practical travel essential to market.

4. Travel Adaptors

Electrical sockets are different all over the world – when it comes to charging mobile devices or powering up equipment like hair dryers, for instance, travellers need the relevant gadgets. The universal travel adaptor will be a handy travel accessory to carry along, and a product market for businesses to tap into. 

5. Cameras

The sales of cameras are also going to see a huge boost since travellers, particularly photographers, would want to capture the moments and memories they make during business and leisure trips abroad.

6. Travel Neck Pillow

Another essential travelling accessory is a travel neck pillow, incredibly useful for longer travel journeys by train or the plane. 

7. Travel Wallets

Travel wallets help you keep your important documents organised and safe when travelling. In the event where travellers need to provide additional paperwork owing to pandemic restrictions, these wallets ensure they are safely stored and easily retrievable at any time of the trip.

8. Foot hammock

Travellers can feel like they are flying in first-class cabins with an easy-to-install foot hammock. Effective at reducing swelling and pressure on the legs, these foot hammocks ensure comfortable travel. It comes as no surprise that it’s becoming one of the most popular travel accessories to have on hand. 

9. White noise machine

Hotel or motel rooms may not be as quiet as travellers might think, which is why a white noise machine is helpful. By drowning out various noises like those of the elevator and traffic, soothing ambient sounds of rushing air ensure quality sleep, especially important for babies and toddlers.

10. Foldable strollers

Families with small kids cannot even think of travelling without a compact stroller that will not only help them make it from immigration to their flight gate at the airports but also roam about conveniently  at their destinations. But boarding planes and buses with a stroller can be troublesome, which is where compact, foldable strollers come in handy. These strollers can be folded into a package measuring 20 x 34 x 42cm, which means it’ll pass off easily as a hand-carry.

Opportunity For Hong Kong E-Commerce Companies

As more and more borders open for international travelling, Hong Kong e-commerce companies have an excellent opportunity to leverage by specialising in travel accessories and relevant packing essentials, or expanding their products to cater to an increased number of global travellers. But any successful business venture or expansion is only possible when you have a reliable global logistics partner to manage the complexities of international trade. As travellers want their products to reach them in time before they set off for their trips, you can rely on our express delivery services to ship out products to consumers as quickly as possible. Get in touch with DHL Express and see how we can help you take advantage of eased travel bans for your business.