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In today's interconnected world, the potential for business growth knows no bounds. If you're an Irish business owner, the prospect of tapping into international markets through e-commerce offers a realm of opportunities. Whether you're venturing into exports for the first time or have established a presence overseas, this article is your compass for navigating the journey towards global success.

Do You Currently Sell Internationally? The foundation of expanding your business globally lies in your ability to sell internationally. Assess whether your products or services have the potential to resonate with a broader audience beyond your national borders. Identifying and understanding your target international markets is the initial step towards sustainable growth.

Communicating International Availability Your homepage acts as the virtual storefront for your global customers. Ensuring that it clearly conveys your international selling proposition is essential. Seamless navigation and distinct calls to action that highlight your international offerings can significantly influence visitor engagement. 

Currency and Payment Flexibility Convenience is paramount in international transactions. Offering customers the option to view prices in their local currency and facilitating diverse payment methods can foster trust and ease in making purchases. 




Simply tell us about your business in a few simple steps and we’ll share personalised advice on how to grow your exports. The Health Check will only take a few minutes to complete. Let’s get started!

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Accelerating International Shipments In a world of instant gratification, providing an express shipping option can be a game-changer. Ensuring that international customers have the choice for expedited deliveries demonstrates your commitment to their satisfaction. 

Proactive Delivery Communication Keeping customers informed about their order's journey is a hallmark of exceptional service. Providing proactive delivery notifications and options empowers customers to make choices that suit their schedules and preferences.

Facilitating Returns with Ease An accessible and hassle-free returns policy is a cornerstone of customer confidence. Clear instructions and a straightforward process for international returns assure customers that their satisfaction is your priority. 

By strategically addressing these key elements, you lay the foundation for an international journey that fosters trust, connection, and sustainable success.

Need our help with this? Share with us the details of your business in a few straightforward steps, and we'll provide you with personalized guidance on how to expand your exports. The Health Check will merely require a few minutes to complete.

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