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Which SMEs Represented Malaysia at Modest Fashion Week?


Which SMEs Represented Malaysia at Modest Fashion Week?

Modest dressing has always been a topic of interest and dialogue for the global Muslim population, but it’s only recently that this fashion trend has taken the world by storm. In recent times, the worldwide modest fashion market has seen exponential growth and is now estimated to be worth US$277 billion, with this figure expected to rise to US$311 billion by 2024. This traction has been spearheaded by the rise of the world’s fastest growing faith group - there are 1.8 billion Muslims globally, who will account for 31% of the world’s population by 2050. The concept of modest fashion has seen an upward trend in its inclusion and discussion in the mainstream, particularly on the runway and social media. One such instance is how Pinterest’s United Kingdom arm discovered that searches for 'modest fashion' saw exponential growth by 500% during the first London Modest Fashion Week.

So what exactly is modest fashion or modest dressing? While there is no definite definition, most experts agree that modest fashion is the act of covering up on purpose in your dressing. However, with the mainstreaming of modest fashion on runways, it has evolved and been appropriated to mean different things to various groups in society.

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1. Mimpikita

Founded by three sisters who wanted to provide effortless yet elegantly modest clothing pieces for women, Mimpikita took part in their first ever London Fashion Week in 2015. They stole the show not just with their collection, but with the elegant hijabs that they donned during the event. 

They specialise in ready to wear collections, bridal and bespoke tailoring services, and live by their motto “Kita Girl”, which means to celebrate women of all backgrounds.  

2. Jovian Mandagie

Specialising in ready-to-wear modest clothing and traditional Muslim outfits, Jovian Mandagie is a fashion designer based in Malaysia, but has a wide reaching customer base all around Southeast Asia. Most notably, his collection was part of the MODESTyle Fashion Showcase in Singapore in 2017, which focused on the business portion of the fashion industry. 

3. Ummiriaz

A modest fashion brand that capitalises ready to wear items, Ummiriaz ensures that women are able to dress aesthetically, without needing to worry about practicality or comfort. Their collection has been showcased in a number of high profile events, such as Malaysia Fashion Week, London Modest Fashion Week and Savera Halal Expo. 

4. Blancheur

Spearheaded by Qusairy Mahmood, Blancheur is a Malaysian brand that creates high quality modest clothing, at a very affordable price. They’ve been in the public eye for awhile, and have even been showcased in London Modest Fashion week and Arab Fashion Week. This gave them the insight to further develop and expand their brand beyond just Malaysia. 

And many other brands

A host of other top Malaysian modest fashion designers are also continuing to have a global influence in the fashion industry, with brands such as Vivy Yusuf, THAVIA and Schmiley Mo participating in the 2019 edition of Pret-A-Cover Buyers Lane.  

Modest fashion is already making its way into fashion weeks worldwide, with designers not slow to   incorporate more prudent choices into their collections. Coupled with an already booming market, it won’t be a surprise to see an increasing number of women donning both branded and modest clothes in Southeast Asia. Demand for modest fashion continues to grow, even in non-Muslim majority countries as cultural trends continue to influence so. Naturally, SMEs can tap into this lucrative industry, while meeting the demand for essential needs of Muslim women. 

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