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Don’t have an account? Don’t worry! Everything you need to know about shipping with DHL Express!

DHL offer a range of options for you to export & import your goods around the globe with no sign-up needed.

With competitive rates and two dedicated aircrafts in New Zealand, we can reliably and quickly deliver your shipment to over 220 Countries & Territories worldwide.

With local knowledge and a global network, our team is ready to help you go international and we have three convenient ways for you to trial us today!

At every DHL Service Point we offer our Express Easy service, which is a pricing and packaging bundle across our range of envelopes and boxes.
Drop by any of our five Service Points around New Zealand and have our friendly staff arrange and coordinate your shipment for you.


Trial us with an online shipment today for up to 10% off your international export shipment with Promo Code TRIALDHL

You can create an online shipment and checkout as a guest via MyDHL+ or the DHL Express Mobile App.

  • To access MyDHL+, it is recommended to use your desktop & select ‘Create Shipment’
  • The ‘DHL Express Mobile’ App is available to Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Either print your parcel labels (and customs invoice if necessary) or you can select Label-Free & bring your shipment to a DHL Service Point.

Simply call one of our Certified International Specialists on 0800 800 020 to arrange a pick up at your location.

Worldwide Coverage
DHL Express ships more international packages than anyone else. Reach over 220 countries and territories worldwide. DHL offers shipping solutions for all your international exporting and importing needs.
Affordable door-to-door pricing
Our upfront pricing for door-to-door delivery means your shipping costs are predictable and easy to manage.
On-Time Delivery
Relax. DHL collects, clears through customs and delivers millions of shipments every day.

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Personal shipper? Send your international shipment right now for up to 10% off.

It's easy to ship without a DHL Express account. Simply enter EXPRESS10 at checkout for up to 10% off your next international export shipment.

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