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Selling Online? Here Are 5 Logistics Considerations for Retailers

Business · 3 min read

Selling Online? Here Are 5 Logistics Considerations for Retailers

The shift in shopping patterns has steered consumers to begin purchasing from online retailers instead of through brick and mortar stores. These online platforms are not bound by geography, thus allowing consumers to purchase from international sellers at competitive prices. 

With the low-barrier to enter the online shopping scene, competition becomes more intense amongst sellers because customers have the opportunity to look for similar purchase alternatives. If you are running an online business, you’d be trying to captivate more customers by building your brand’s reputation – by earning trusted reviews with your excellent customer service, fast shipping time, hassle-free return or exchange policies, and competitive prices.

It takes time and effort to establish your business, which is why it is of paramount importance to partner with the fastest international delivery service that contributes to your success and reputation while offering you reliable shipping solutions that will be translated to your customers.

Let’s take a look at some factors that will contribute to your business’ success when you partner with DHL Express.

1. Fast delivery times

The anticipation of receiving the item you purchased online can be thrilling. DHL Express’s global network guarantees the fastest possible connections around the world with complete visibility at every step of the way. Our comprehensive flight schedule and fleet of delivery vans operate on a tight schedule daily to ensure millions of people worldwide receive their parcels on time.

2. Excellent customer service

Day or night, DHL Express Singapore’s customer service live chat operates 24/7. As an international express courier, we deal with over 220 countries and territories in a mix of varying time-zones. We understand the need for flexibility, adjustments, and revisions at the last minute. Whether you have a query or have a new instruction for your shipment, you can speak to a live agent at any time.

Our service doesn’t just end at the point of delivery. When you run a B2C e-commerce business, there is a chance that you might have to deal with returns or exchanges from an unsatisfied customer. DHL Express also offers return logistics, allowing you to create a return shipment label to pack with your parcel before dispatching it.

3. Seamless parcel tracking

Sending a parcel internationally involves many steps before arriving at its final intended destination. With complete visibility on all your shipments, you and your customer can actively track and trace the whereabouts of each parcel and initiate pre-emptive measures prior to any potential delays. 

For shipments that are of more significant value, you’d want to know that your item is in good hands while travelling through our logistics network. We offer a wide arsenal of value-added optional services  such as shipping insurance and proactive monitoring so you can sit back while we handle your end-to-end deliveries.

Managing our independent fleet of aircraft and working with trusted vendors within our network allows us to retain full control and flexibility over all your shipments, giving added security from risks of theft or loss.

4. State of the art processing technology

DHL Express handles thousands of shipments every day, which is why it is important for us to continuously optimize our sorting and processing capabilities. We want to offer speedy deliveries as much as we want to ensure that each delivery is sorted to the correct destination accurately.

We invest in state-of-the-art sorting and processing systems that enable us to handle large volumes in the most efficient manner so that we can continue to support varying volume fluctuations like seasonal peaks.

5. Delivery of quality service

The satisfaction of receiving positive reviews is unparalleled when you are in the primary phase of building your brand’s reputation. When a happy customer leaves a positive review of your product or service, it goes a long way.

Other new potential customers will also begin to consider your products and these reviews might be the hammer that nails another sale. As an online retailer, the service that you offer to your end customer is an extension of the service that your logistics provider offers you. 

The opportunities that are presented by the shift in shopping trends create more potential for international sales as well. Being able to offer the same level of service quality in different continents will also aid in your brand’s expansion. The key here is being able to manage your chain of operations effectively and flexibly while not compromising on the quality of service despite the region.

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