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What's your adventurer spirit

Culture · 5 min read

What’s Your Adventurer Spirit?

Ever wondered why some people love to sail alone around the world while others prefer to fling themselves off tall buildings? 

It’s all down to your adventurer spirit, a specific group of characteristics and traits that dictate the kind of outdoor adventure you are drawn to.

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Woman on rope in the mountains

At the head of our list of adventurer types is the ‘Dare Devil’.  These are the people that score highly across all the characteristics of the dedicated adventurer: resilience, endurance, planning, fearlessness and fitness.

They have the courage to take on those challenges where adrenaline floods the body (yet control its effects) while at the same time meticulously planning every step they take. These are the super-humans of the adventuring world – they not only understand fear – they know how to handle it too.

Next come the Adrenaline Junkies. They take a different approach to adventure, actively seeking out the adrenaline surge and getting high on the buzz in the brain. Adrenaline Junkies aren’t the same as Dare Devils as they tend to prefer ‘short hit’ excitement only – rather than handling a wide variety of high-risk situations. Put them in the Arctic and they quickly get bored and want to go home.

Diver in ocean

Next to the Adrenaline Junkie is the Sensation Seeker. The buzz of chemicals isn’t really their bag. What they seek is a new experience – a fresh sensation. The Sensation Seeker can be as happy taking on an endurance challenge (say a round the world yacht race) as they are base jumping in Xanthi.

For them, it’s not just about adrenaline coursing through their veins or the exalted feeling of mastering their fears – it’s both of those sensations – plus any others they might be able to throw into the mix!

Finally, in our lineup of adventurer types, comes the Control Freak. These are the people who see the true value of any adventure within themselves. It’s not the height that gives them a kick, it’s the ability to master their fear of the height. Control Freaks might be expert planners or thoughtful strategists, but any group of adventurers needs at least one of these in their midst.

So, ready to find out what type you are? Come and ‘explore’ our short quiz and discover the kind of adventurer you were born to be ….

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