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The Grand Tour: downhill in Colorado

Culture · 4 min read

The Grand Tour: Downhill In Colorado

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May set out to prove that old Jaguars are both stylish and roguish on a road trip to Colorado. To do so, they face the harshest test tracks and their most perilous challenge yet.

It’s the ultimate Jagathon as the team set laps around a punishing dirt track and tests 0-100-0 performance at America’s highest commercial airport. Then they attempt their most foolhardy venture in a long history of foolhardy ventures: avoiding the expense of lift passes and expensive equipment by going skiing in their cars. Let’s hope they’re well insured.

But Colorado isn’t just a good place for testing vintage Jags, it’s also a promising venue for trying out new business ideas. 

Let us explain why …

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Mountains of Dollars

Despite its in-demand status as a ski destination, Colorado isn’t all about the white stuff, it’s also about the green stuff. In 2016, its total state revenue came to a grand total of US$12,795,318. Scientific research and high-technology industries are big news here, with food processing, chemical products and mining also playing a big part in Colorado’s success story. Oh yes, and Colorado now produces more beer than any other American state. We’ll drink to that.

Far Less Taxing

Every month, around 10,000 people move to Colorado and there’s a good reason why it’s attracting its fair share of investors and entrepreneurs – Colorado has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in America, a flat 4.63%, regardless of income level. A useful foot on the ladder for any new business.

A Great Place to Start

When it comes to helping small businesses and startups, Colorado doesn’t just talk the talk. Their SBDC (Small Business Development Centre Network) approved US$826.7m of small business loans in 2016. Colorado is now home to a million small business employees. SMEs now account for 97.6% of Colorado businesses. Looking for a new place to build your business? You may have just found it.

Stunningly Attractive

Colorado has 300 days of sunshine a year. It has ski resorts that even the Swiss envy. And with the Rockies and The Great Plains, it’s home to the sort of scenery that Instagram feeds were made for. No wonder Colorado welcomed a record-breaking 82.4 million visitors in 2016, who between them generated US$1.2bn in revenue. Ski shops? Mountain lodges? Bike hire? Adventure holidays? The business opportunities pretty much write themselves.

At The Heart of Things

Colorado’s main airport, Denver International Airport, is the fourth-busiest domestic US airport and the busiest hub between Chicago and the Pacific coast. It also has strong international connections, serving 26 cities in 11 different countries. But the old iron horse makes an equally important contribution to the state’s prosperity. Colorado's freight railroad network is a critical artery for the movement of energy, agriculture, mining and industrial commodities. So when you’re in Colorado, you’re right at the big red beating heart of US and international business.

Your New Testing Ground

As The Grand Tour team will testify, Colorado is a great place to put a bunch of vintage Jags through their paces. But it’s also a great place to test new business ideas and explore new investment opportunities. 

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