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Congratulations GoGreen Giveaway Winners
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We are helping five small business take their brand global in a sustainable way by providing them international shipping stipends, and access to our sustainability experts to kick-start their green practices. These perks might be limited to the lucky GoGreen Giveaway winners, but all our customers can take advantage of great services.

  • Access to our trusted advisors
  • Grow and maximize cross-border potential through international trade
  • Receive tailored solutions to fit any business needs
  • Implement sustainable business practices – including GoGreen Plus


Winner of a $10K International Shipping Stipend with GoGreen Plus + $20K Worth of Sustainable Business Consulting


Lebanon, TN | Kubox creates reusable, eco-friendly containers ideal for shipping items that are too fragile or heavy for a corrugated box. Kubox’s lightweight crate materials allow for lower freight costs, providing businesses and individuals with a budget-friendly and eco-conscious option for their distribution needs.


Winners of a $5K International Shipping Stipend with GoGreen Plus + a Sustainable Logistics Session

Form Function Form

Orlando, FL | Creating handcrafted, original design leather pieces that not only are functional, but achieve this functionality with grace and longevity.


Newfield, NY | Devoted to designing and creating unique and custom crafted, laser-engraved & cut products people truly admire & appreciate.

Trenchless Supply

Murrieta, CA | Providing customers with the best CIPP equipment and training on the market.

True Products

Atlanta, GA | Black-owned, eco-friendly, plant-based, safe and effective laundry care products.

Feeling inspired to grow your business internationally in a sustainable way? With a DHL Express Business Account, you’ll receive guidance from the global shipping experts and save up to 50% on rates. Terms and conditions apply.