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March 20, 2020

Being part of Deutsche Post DHL Group – the world’s leading logistics company – epidemic and pandemic risk scenarios are an integral part of DHL Freight’s continuous risk planning. Deutsche Post DHL Group follows a holistic management process that enables our business units, including DHL Freight, to ensure the best possible operations for our customers, even in an emergency.

We are therefore offering you the option to have daily updates regarding the impact of COVID-19  on our operations and the transportation of your goods. These operational updates are communicated via our customer magazine Freight Connections, which also keeps you up-to-date on many other subjects in relation to road freight. Daily updates on DHL Freight’s operational road freight status in relation to COVID-19 can be found here.

You can also choose to sign up for our mailing list using the Newsletter link on the Freight Connections website. Please note that we are not distributing the regular operational updates on COVID-19 via email.

March 18, 2020

At DHL Freight, we are closely monitoring the situation regarding road transports in Europe as well as the consequences that the many measures have and can cause for the supply chain.

We currently see that more closed borders with stricter control, changes in and cancellations of ferry routes, closures of shops and malls as well as areas with restrictions on pick-ups and deliveries result in delays and longer lead times. We expect that this increasingly unstable situation in the coming weeks will lead to further delays, changes in transport modes and routes in addition to potential capacity challenges. This will inevitably entail additional costs, which we unfortunately may be forced to pass on to our customers.

We encourage our customers to keep up-to-date with their suppliers and their own customers about any temporary closures that may result in pick-up and delivery failures. We will, of course, in cooperation with our customers ensure that we find the best solution together should the situation arise. However, as a consignor and freight payer, our customers bear the risk and costs in case we are unable to carry out a booked pickup or delivery.

We find that many of our customers, just like ourselves, have taken steps to minimize the risk of virus spread and to protect their own employees and drivers who must either pick up or deliver goods. We also point out that if these measures involve the driver not being able to monitor the loading or unloading, we need to waive responsibility for the nature of the goods and the number of packages. We also recommend that our customers, if the driver is not given the opportunity to receive or deliver a receipt on a shipping letter or scanner upon pickup or delivery, will note the shipment number and sign on their own paper which the driver can receive and take with him.

If you have questions about a specific shipment or specific country, please contact your usual contact person at DHL Freight or our Customer Service for road transports at or phone +45 4331 0900.

March 17, 2020

As you may know, the Danish government chose to close all border crossings from Saturday at 12 AM and since then we have also seen other countries doing the same.

Closing the Danish borders does not include cross-border freight transports, but we must expect delays and capacity challenges in the light of the restriction on the free movement of drivers. Today, there have been queues towards Denmark at the Danish-German border, but all trucks have come through - with some delay though.

The Danish government has asked the authorities in Germany to ensure free access for trucks in specially marked lanes, and it has also been confirmed that freight transports will be able to cross the border without control.

Over the weekend, several shipping companies have informed about both cancellations and changes in their timetables, which will lead to changes in the transport routes – especially on freight transports to and from Sweden, Norway and Finland – leading to possible delays, other departure frequencies and longer lead times.

As a consequence of this infection spread in Europe, a number of countries have introduced local and national measures, which leads to limited or no access to certain areas and sectors. This makes it difficult or directly impossible to deliver and pick up goods. In addition, with a number of our customers and their suppliers  we are experiencing a number of measures related to loading and unloading, which also adversely affects our deliveries.

At DHL Freight, we are constantly monitoring the situation and we take all necessary precautions. We will, of course, continuously inform our customers about the development.

March 13, 2020

As the Danish Prime Minister has stated, the situation regarding the spread of Corona virus infections in our surrounding areas, and the rest of Europe, is currently evolving hour by hour.

DHL continues to operate and we are, of course, following the situation very closely. We constantly take steps to protect our employees and the customers we are in contact with.

As a global logistics company, DHL has a great responsibility and a very important role in maintaining security of supply e.g. regarding grocery goods and medicine. Of course, we are trying to balance  this public obligation with all our other customers as well as the safety of our employees and drivers, which always comes first.

We would like to point out that this is a force majeure situation. This means that if we experience capacity problems, we will have to prioritize specific sectors.

At DHL health is our top priority and we have therefore undertaken a wide range of measures to bring about the spread of infection:

  • Home workplaces have been created for the majority of our office workers
  • Our drivers are instructed to avoid close contact and wash their hands frequently
  • All international drivers are not allowed to access to our freight terminals, and all document transfer takes place in a controlled process or digitally, without any physical contact between employees and drivers
  • When moving inside the terminals, everybody must  at all times wear gloves which are available by the entrance. After using the gloves, the gloves should be thrown out
  • Both drivers and employees are required to stay at home if they show signs of illness
  • The drivers who have traveled in known risk areas will be separated from other drivers and must stay in the driver’s cab
  • The general level of hygiene has been increased significantly in all locations and guidelines have been drawn up in line with the authorities' recommendations
  • Physical meetings, courses and travels are replaced by online meetings

We are of course monitoring the developments  closely and we continue to bring news as the situation changes. If you have questions about a specific shipment or specific country, please contact our Customer Service for road transports at or phone +45 4331 0900.

February 25, 2020

The spread of Corona virus throughout Europa is now also causing problems in several countries. This is affecting our access to an increasing number of companies and terminals, which leads to delays in both pick-ups and deliveries.

We are of course monitoring the progression closely, and we will be posting news as the situation is changing. If you have questions regarding a specific shipment or a country situation, you are always welcome to contact our Road Freight Customer Service via email or phone +45 4331 0900.