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Local News

Driving bans during the summer holidays

Again this year several countries will have extraordinary weekend driving bans for trucks in order to favour the holiday traffic.

Among others the following countries will be affected:


Driving ban every Saturday 07:00 – 20:00 from 1/7 to 31/8

Driving ban every Sunday as usual



Driving ban every Saturday 07:00 – 19:00 from 1/7 to 31/8



Driving ban every Friday 18:00 – 22:00 from 28/6 to 25/8

Driving ban every Saturday 08:00 – 14:00 from 28/6 to 25/8


This may cause deviations from our standard lead times. You can read more about driving bans on https://impargo.de/blog/lkw-fahrverbote-europa/