Improving Educational Opportunity & Employability

We aim at turning society's attention to improve future opportunities of young people.

The long-term success, sustainability and innovative power of our economy and society depends on a strong educational system and targeted efforts to develop the next generation of working professionals. As one of the largest employers worldwide Deutsche Post DHL Group has established its Group-wide program GoTeach as a way to improve educational opportunity for young people and prepare them for the working world. Through the GoTeach program Deutsche Post DHL Group collaborates with two established partners: Teach for All and SOS Children's Villages. Working together with these partners, our goal is to help children and young people from all socio-economic backgrounds develop their potential, learn skills and access new opportunities for their career development.

Partnership With Teach For All

Improving education and advancing educational equity with our partner Teach For All.

Partnership With SOS Children's Village

Improving the employability of young people with SOS Children's Villages.