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Requiring extreme concentration, speed, teamwork and tactical skills, the high-paced nature of the world’s largest esports series, ESL, means that just a fraction of a second can be the difference between victory and defeat.

As the Official Logistics Partner for the ESL One series, DHL transport not only stage equipment, but the famous ergonomically designed Maxnomic gaming chairs to venues all over the world, including Germany, the UK, India, Poland, the USA and more. By the end of 2019, ESL One tournaments will have visited 6 different cities across 3 different continents with more locations confirmed for 2020.

Our cooperation with ESL enables DHL to become active in a business that appeals to a growing trend among younger generations. The major esports tournaments and their top players thrill millions of fans around the world.

Whether they’re watching at home or part of the electric atmosphere in the arenas, tens of thousands of fans follow their teams with great excitement. More than 450 million people follow the major tournaments which have surpassed over 630 million live streaming views. This makes esports one of the most exciting entertainment platforms on the planet, and one in which DHL is able to specifically target the young group of digital natives who have an affinity for eCommerce.

Together with ESL, DHL shares the common goal of creating unique and emotional moments that connect people. This collaboration sees DHL deliver a sport that is not only rapidly growing around the world, but one that delivers top entertainment value and fan engagement. DHL Box Stacker Pro, an innovative VR game, was created by DHL to enhance the fan experience at the ESL One live events. Fans are set in a virtual DHL warehouse and race against the clock to stack as many boxes as possible with great prizes up for grabs. This year, DHL also extended the experience outside of the arena and straight on to the phones of esports fans via the new DHL EffiBOT Dash mobile game. The app sees the now famous DHL robot EffiBOT weave its way around warehouse obstacles and enter exciting new worlds such as the Dota 2 inspired forest for a chance for users to win prizes.

DHL are committed to providing ‘moments that deliver’ across all of their global sport, culture and lifestyle partnerships and together with ESL, DHL have been creating unforgettable and emotional moments for fans all across the globe.

DHL EffiBOT Dash

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