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Press Release

Bonn 04/20/2009

Deutsche Post DHL releases Sustainability Report 2009

  • The pillars of the Group's strategy are environmental and climate protection as well as corporate social responsibility
  • Company intends to become the sector's employer of choice
Deutsche Post DHL released its Sustainability Report 2009 just before this year's Annual General Meeting. In the document, the international market leader in logistics and postal services and the world's sixth-largest employer outlines its activities in the areas of the environment, employees and corporate social responsibility.

Climate Protection

The launch of the Group-wide climate-protection program GoGreen in April 2008 represented a milestone in the commitment of Deutsche Post DHL to the environment. As a result of GoGreen, the logistics service provider became the first company in the sector to set ambitious climate-protection goals:
By 2020, the Group intends to improve its CO2 efficiency in its own business activities and for transports performed by its subcontractors by 30 percent.

To achieve this goal, investments have been made in fleet optimization and the replacement of planes and vehicles with quieter-running, more fuel-efficient models. In several projects, alternative drive systems and innovative technologies like dynamic route planning in the SmartTruck project have been tested. Energy-conservation programs and internal programs to mobilize employees are also helping save fuel in many local projects and improve the climate balance sheet. Customers in 20 countries can now choose from climate-neutral products and services. To facilitate the most precise reporting of the environmental improvements and CO2 emissions, the company has begun to create a carbon-accounting system. In addition, a CO2 efficiency index was also calculated for the first time.

These efforts have also received recognition from independent groups:
Deutsche Post DHL is the only transport and logistics service provider to be represented in the Carbon Disclosure Global 500 Leadership Index 2008.


Two-thirds of the Group's more than 500,000 employees work outside Germany. Common values and a shared corporate culture form the basis for their daily working relationship. One of the future strategic missions of Deutsche Post DHL is to have a variety of talented people as well as to find, support and nurture qualified employees. The company's continuing goal is to become the sector's employer of choice. During the past year, the company achieved outstanding results in various areas, and some of these efforts also received public recognition. For instance, the company's pioneering health-care management program was given the "Germany Business Award for Health" in 2008. The Global Road Safety Initiative that is designed to increase traffic safety received the international DuPont Safety Award for "innovative approach." The Group's online career portal, which offers more than 16,000 job listings around the world each year, again finished in first place in Germany and Europe on the international comparison "Top Employer Web Benchmark 2008." Employees' inventiveness also played a major role as their contributions to idea management resulted in savings of EUR265 million.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In the area of corporate social responsibility, Deutsche Post DHL concentrates primarily on the areas of disaster relief, education and the environment. In addition to hundreds of local initiatives started by employees around the world, this commitment is reflected in centrally managed projects. Last year, the global network of disaster response teams coordinated relief supplies sent after Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar and floods hit Panama, among other places. An important focal point in the area of education is the initiation of a long-range partnership with the organization Teach First Germany, whose aim is to improve educational opportunities by using qualified college graduates who are not education majors at Germany's secondary general schools, intermediate secondary schools and comprehensive schools.

In the future as well, sustainable business practices will remain an inseparable part of entrepreneurial activities at Deutsche Post DHL, as CEO Frank Appel stressed at the beginning of March when he introduced the Group's Strategy 2015.

"Despite the worldwide financial crisis and economic challenges, we cannot lose sight of our shared responsibility for the social setting in which we do business around the world and for environment protection. Furthermore, we must not ease off our efforts in these areas," Appel said.

The Sustainability Report 2009 is available in German and English. It can be downloaded from the Internet. The printed version can also be ordered there.

Download: Link / New Window (German), Link / New Window (English)

Order of the printed version: Link / New Window (German), Link / New Window (English)