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Press Release

Bonn 09/03/2014

DHL Express tests the use of bicycle couriers in major German cities

DHL Article
  • Pilot projects in Berlin and Frankfurt already underway, with other cities to follow
  • Use of bicycles as environmentally friendly and efficient transport alternative to delivery vehicles
After successful pilot projects in various European countries, DHL is now testing in Germany for the first time the use of bicycles for the express delivery of documents and smaller parcel items. In Berlin and Frankfurt, two different models in each of the cities are under close scrutiny until the end of September. The first utilizes the “DHL Parcycle”, which has a sealable transport box with a holding capacity of 140 liters. The second focuses on the more maneuverable DHL Touring Bike, primarily suited for use with a courier backpack. The yellow and red DHL all-weather outfits make these two-wheeled DHL couriers easy to recognize. The tests will soon be expanded to two other major cities in northern and southern Germany.

“Using bicycles to make deliveries has made us significantly more flexible and faster in downtown areas and conurbations,” said Tobias Wider, member of the DHL Express Germany divisional board, about the advantages. “Unlike delivery vehicle drivers, bicycle couriers can always drive right up to the recipient’s door, are not affected by downtown traffic volumes or access restrictions and at times can even use shorter routes.” In addition, bicycles allow DHL Express to meet the requests of many customers for a “cleaner transport alternative” that is environmentally friendly. “Our aim is to utilize bicycle couriers in the next few years anywhere they can improve our customer service and effectiveness,” Wider emphasized.

DHL Express has deployed bicycle couriers in nine European countries so far – including the Netherlands, France, Great Britain and Italy. Currently, you can see the red and yellow two-wheeled delivery bikes on the streets in forty cities.