Connecting Europe, One Road at a Time Limited Time Offer for Selected Trade Lanes Across Europe Starting From €59,00

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Cost Effective Solution For Your Trade Lanes

You strive to optimize your supply chain by reducing costs on your road freight operation.
We offer you unparalleled cost savings without compromising on quality and reliability on selected trade lanes across Europe. 

Cost Savings

With a simple pricing logic for selected trade lanes, we offer supreme cost savings without compromising the superior service.




Quality and Reliability

We support you in enhancing the efficiency of your road freight operations. With our tailored solutions for your specific requirements, we ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience.


Global Network

With a global network and local expertise, we have established ourselves as leaders in road freight. We combine the best of both worlds: a worldwide reach and a deep understanding of the local intricacies of trade lanes.

Sustainable Impact

By maximizing our truckload capacities, we all contribute to the environment by saving fuels and emissions.




EasyPallet: Your Road Freight

The following requirements must be adhered to for the campaign.

  • Dimensions: max. 120x80x220cm, palletized & not overhanging
  • Weight: max. 750 kg
  • Value-added services included:
    Incoterms: DDP, DAP, Tail-lift PuD, Book-in, Pre-advice, max value of goods (100k €/shipment and 50k €/item), Standard lead times
  • Value-added services on request:
    Incoterms different than DDP, DAP, Customs, ADR, Insurance

Trade lanes up to 500 km starting from €59,00*

e.g. from Riga, Latvia to Tallinn, Estonia

Trade lanes up to 1,500 km starting from € 69,00*

e.g. from Aarhus, Denmark to Eindhoven, Netherlands

Trade lanes up to 2,500 km starting from €135,00**

e.g. from Tallinn, Estonia to Hamburg, Germany

Trade lanes above 2,500 km starting from €177,00*

e.g. from Luleå, Sweden to Renningen, Germany

* Price calculated for a euro pallet with 400kg, EuroConnect, non-stackable
**Applies to Zip Codes 20 and 22. Price calculated for a euro pallet with 400kg, EuroConnect, non-stackable