Fast Forward Challenge: Sustainable Solutions APAC Edition

Thank you all for your submissions to our start-up challenge! We are overwhelmed by the response. 

While this edition of the DHL Fast Forward Challenge is over, innovation at DHL never stops. Tech providers can still connect with us by heading to our Warehouse of Innovation website below.

Let's shape the future of logistics together!

Make sure to explore our FAQs for crucial details, including the participation deadline, prizes, and more.

Also check out how DHL’s innovations help our customers to achieve their strategic objectives here. Let's fast forward to a sustainable future, together!

DHL – A Partner to Our Customers’ Sustainable Supply Chains

As a customer-centric company, DHL partners with our customers across all industries, enabling them to develop agile, resilient, future-ready, and sustainable supply chains. To understand DHL’s key industry sectors, click here

DHL’s services and solutions encompass all aspects of supply chain management: from planning and forecasting, to sourcing and procurement, to manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and return handling. As a partner committed to helping our customers minimize negative environmental impact, we are open to new solutions that support all industries and all parts of the supply chain.

For more details on DHL ESG progress, you can visit this page.

Areas of Application

Energy Management Solutions

Energy Management Solutions are innovative technologies and practices that aim to minimize energy consumption and negative environmental impact from transportation, warehouse and distribution operations, and utilize alternative or renewable energy sources.

Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions encompass the use of advanced technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), automation, and digital tools to increase operational efficiency, enhance supply chain resilience and reduce logistics waste. This includes real-time traceability of goods, efficient tracking systems, automation of tasks and optimization solutions. 

Sustainable Packaging & Containers

Sustainable Packaging & Containers focuses on reducing the environmental footprint of packaging materials through the use of bio-based materials derived from renewable sources, re-usable packaging, as well as active packaging solutions designed to extend product shelf life and reduce waste.

New Sustainable Business Models

New Sustainable Business Models involve innovative approaches to conducting business that prioritize sustainability. This can include circular economy practices, where resources are recycled and reused, and the sharing economy, which promotes the shared use of assets to reduce resource consumption and waste.

FAQs for the Sustainability Fast Forward Challenge

Who is permitted to attend and participate in the challenge?

Any business dedicated to sustainability can participate, except DHL Group employees.

Are there any specific requirements or criteria that need to be met to participate?

Organizations must be committed to a sustainable future and have the capability to operate in the Asia Pacific region.

What is the reward/benefit of participating in and attending the challenge?

DHL will nominate four finalists that will be invited to attend the DHL Era of Sustainable Logistics Summit in Singapore, with the winner getting a chance for a joint pilot project within DHL, access to the DHL network, joint marketing support, cash prizes up to 10,000 SGD and potential exhibit placement in the DHL Innovation Centers around the world.

How/where will the challenge take place?

Submissions deadline is April 30, 2024. The winner will be selected at the event in Singapore from July 24-25, 2024. Finalists for the Singapore event will be notified approximately 6 weeks before the event. 

How do I apply to take part in the event?

Submit a pitch deck or video pitch by April 30, 2024, 23:59 GMT+8, covering company details, the problem addressed, solution, sustainability contribution, scaling plans, and DHL partnership vision. 

How many team members are allowed to take part in the event?

Up to two team members from each selected finalist can attend the final event at DHL’s cost.

Are there any costs to attend/enter the event?

No costs to enter. DHL will arrange and cover the costs of round-trip economy flights and hotel accommodation for up to two team members per finalist invited to Singapore, ensuring that the expenses remain within a reasonable amount set by DHL. DHL will not cover any cost for the production of any submissions.

If visas are required for travel, applicants will be required to obtain these on their own and at their own expense. DHL can provide letters supporting the purpose of the visit if required. 

Where do I submit my proposal?

Use the provided submission form and ensure these are submitted by the specified deadline. 

Is there any funding available for start-ups to help them participate in the event?

No funding is available for solutions or pitches in this competition. 

Who should I contact if I face any issues throughout the application process?

Email for support.

If my application makes it to the final, what do I need to prepare and expect?

If selected for the finals, DHL's Innovation and Trend Research Team will assist and coach the finalists for the final pitch presentation. 

If I make it through to the final and am unable to attend in person, can I participate virtually?

The final event is face-to-face; virtual participation is not allowed. An alternate delegate is recommended if the primary participant can't attend in person.