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Logistic center in Poznan

Bigger is better: A look at one of Europe’s largest and most advanced logistics centers

What makes a state-of-the-art parcel sorting and distribution center? And how do large integrated facilities benefit the e-commerce sector? The story of our new international logistics center in Poland has all the answers.

At the epicenter of e-commerce and efficiency

Scientists claim that Polotsk in northern Belarus is the geographic center of Europe. But if you’re looking for the heart of the continent’s e-commerce market, you’ll need to travel west to Poland – particularly to Poznan in the western part of the country.

Poland has emerged as a pivotal gateway for e-commerce in Europe, with major brands and e-tailers setting up shop within its borders. The domestic parcel market in Poland, driven by the relentless surge in online sales, has also experienced extraordinary growth – nearly 120% over the past five years.

Opening doors to Europe

As the boom in e-commerce continues, the adage ‘bigger is better’ has never been truer. With today’s technology, a strategically located logistics facility that combines capabilities and integrates networks is necessary to handle the growing demand with efficient and innovative solutions.

We just opened the doors of such a place – a new international logistics center near Poznan in Poland that is now among the largest and most advanced of its kind in Europe. Let’s take a closer look at the cutting-edge facility and all it has to offer.

Big numbers to meet big needs

€180 million


5 soccer fields


3 kilometers

Conveyor belts

1 million

Parcel capacity per day

Size matters, but top tech makes the difference

Employees look at a screen

From the looks of it, our new Poznan center isn’t particularly remarkable. Its size is impressive, for sure. But we have hundreds of sorting and warehousing facilities that look quite similar all around the world. But once you look behind the shiny new yellow walls and glistening rooftop solar panels, you’ll see a state-of-the-art logistics facility built to enable streamlined and sustainable cross-border solutions for the booming e-commerce sector and beyond. 

But the size certainly matters. The building itself could host five soccer matches simultaneously, with room for 3,000 meters of conveyer belts, some 50 cross docks and unloading bays, and 600+ spots for swap bodies.

That being said, the network of conveyor belts, scanners, and inbound and outbound vehicles at the Poznan facility is a technological marvel, too. Backed by advanced automation and digital solutions, the space is optimized to handle up to 45,000 parcels an hour and one million parcels a day during peak times. What’s more, the facility is fully integrated into our international digital networks, enabling streamlined operations and seamless connectivity. This ensures efficient handling of both domestic and cross-border shipments, including return shipments, ensuring we deliver consistent and reliable end-to-end logistics.

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Location. Location. Location.


Building our new international logistics center near Poznan was a deliberate, strategic decision because e-commerce is primarily a cross-border business. The location ensures unparalleled access to over 100 Polish and international destinations. This allows our e-commerce, parcel, and freight experts to collaborate closely, leverage synergies, increase efficiency, and ultimately enhance our service offering. Close proximity to Germany means we can utilize the facility to move goods in and out of Germany, which is Europe’s second-largest e-commerce market.

By integrating our logistics networks at this central location, we can streamline international and domestic operations and deliver a more cohesive and comprehensive service portfolio to all customers, from e-commerce giants to small business venturing into online sales. 

A greener vision for e-commerce logistics

electric vehicles are charged

Aligning with our global sustainability strategy, we designed the Poznan facility with green technologies to minimize its carbon footprint. One-third of its energy needs come from an on-site photovoltaic system, with the remainder sourced from green power.

Electric vehicles move trailers and containers around the site, which cuts down on exhaust and engine noise. In addition, the center also has approximately 40 charging stations for electric cars, vans, and trucks.

A story of efficiency and sustainability

Given the growth of e-commerce in Poland and Europe, the country now plays an essential role in the cross-border market. Poland and our new international logistics center in Poznan are also important parts of our success story. As the market continues to grow, the Poznan facility reinforces our ability to deliver exceptional and sustainable logistics solutions and maintain our position as an e-commerce and parcel logistics leader.

Parcel carrier in front of a tall building


With a best-in-class network across Europe, DHL eCommerce offers tailored domestic delivery services alongside parcel shipment and returns within Europe and beyond.

Published: March 2024

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