E-commerce spending in the UAE alone could increase by 170% by 2022. How does EZDubai fit in?

Three questions to Mohsen Ahmad, CEO Logistics District, Dubai South

Mohsen Ahmed, CEO Logistics District, Dubai South

1. What prompted Dubai South to invest in a dedicated zone for e-commerce?

The sector’s reach is spreading fast across the Arab Gulf region. But more importantly, we’re witnessing in our midst the rapid growth of e-commerce in the UAE, as we have seen the presence of leading global and regional market movers as well as new and emerging ones in Dubai. Creating a dedicated hub for the sector to support its growth through state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructures was the most logical step for Dubai South.

2. What benefits does EZDubai offer?

EZDubai is a purpose-built e-commerce ecosystem that allows B2C and B2B fulfillment coupled with seamless, multimodal logistics facilities, along with the benefits of a free trade zone operation that offers foreign firms 100% ownership. We have a streamlined customs and licensing process, one of the world’s largest air carriers, world-class logistics providers and the right combination of both physical and digital infrastructure. From e-fulfillment centers to return and repair centers, time and cost are critically important. And I believe EZDubai is a great partner in enabling businesses to win on both counts.

3. Dubai South has a wide range of target geographies, beyond the UAE. Do you see the same for EZDubai?

Absolutely. Even though the UAE is an attractive market, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia are well within reach. We already see robust trading activity happening and moving in this direction. EZDubai is set to leverage Dubai South’s strategic advantages, being an integrated airport city that spans 145 square kilometers, with unparalleled access to cross-continental distribution networks and proximity to international ports, including the Jebel Ali Port and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC).

Published: October 2019

Image: Dubai South and KIZAD