Shehrina leads Resilience360’s Intelligence Solutions function, where she spearheads the solution’s risk identification, monitoring and alerting capabilities. In this capacity, she manages a global team of analysts and is responsible for product development & strategy, intelligence coverage, and strategic partnerships. Shehrina has 11 years’ of logistics industry experience and a background in international development consultancy and communication. She studied Economics at North South University, Bangladesh and holds an MBA from Mannheim Business School, Germany.

COVID-19: How will supply chains adapt in a post-pandemic phase?

January 23, 2021 marked the one-year anniversary of the day Chinese authorities imposed a strict lockdown in Hubei province – of which, Wuhan is the capital – to stem the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

India – China Border Conflict: Why End-to-End Supply Chain Risk Management Matters

Escalating tensions between India and China in recent weeks have demonstrated why it is worth paying close attention to geopolitical developments when managing supply chain operations.

Production sites are reopening – is the worst over?

It’s difficult to say if we’re currently in a post-pandemic or a pre-second wave world. Most likely, both.