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With the official DHL plugin you profit from a quick and easy shipment process enabling you to easily create DHL labels and send tracking IDs to your customers. It covers national and international shipping services from DHL Paket and DHL eCommerce to perfectly suit your needs. Manage your shipments through one single shipping provider by using DHL.

About Shopify

Shopify is a one-stop commerce platform that provides everything sellers would need for their eCommerce business. Started in 2006, the solution allows users to build their business website from scratch without any coding or development knowledge. You can create your online store and just start selling like a fast runner. You don’t need to buy a hosting service, since Shopify offers a professional online storefront, a payment solution to accept credit cards, and the Shopify POS application to power retail sales all out of one hand.

Shopify belongs to the most popular and fastest growing ecommerce solutions serving over 500,000 retailers in 100 different countries alone in 2017.


  • Print DHL labels using DHL Paket or DHL eCommerce: Fast and easy label creation of your national and international orders
  • Create Auto tracking codes: Automatically receive a tracking code for each label you create (if tracking is available for the selected product)
  • Create Handover Notes conveniently for a smooth and reliable manifesting process in-line with your specific regional requirements for DHL eCommerce
  • Use additional delivery services as e.g. the visual check of age available via the API of DHL Paket or Cash on delivery by DHL eCommerce in selected countries.
  • Offer Preferred Delivery Options to your customers via DHL Paket “Wunschzustellung” enabling your customers to select the preferred time and location of delivery. If the customer enters his home address and chooses a preferred location or preferred neighbor, the parcel can also be delivered in his absence.
  • Get an integrated location finder with all delivery addresses of DHL Packstations, parcelshops and post offices in your Shopify web shop - automatically transmitted to the delivery address.
  • Customize names and rates: Enable/disable or edit the names of services and set up the handling costs for each DHL shipping service
  • Delete labels or reprint labels in case your printer experienced any issues.
  • Experience premium support, timely compatibility updates and bug fixes.

Availability of Shipping Products by Sender Country

DHL shipping products range from small light weight packets with milestone tracking to delivery duty paid parcels with end-to-end tracking and a range of delivery times from same day delivery to 14 day delivery depending on your sender country and shipment destinations. To find the DHL shipping product that best suits your needs, please see available DHL products and services in the overview below.

Please note: Based on your sender country and shipping preference, different access credentials for DHL Paket and DHL eCommerce are required for configuration.  Please find respective details next.

Shopify is not available for DHL eCommerce Solutions Australia.

Prerequisits & Download

  • Check the geographical availability of our DHL shipping services for your sender country as shown in above product overview and check if you can use DHL Paket or DHL eCommerce
  • Download and install the plugin “DHL for Shopify” from here: 
  • Check the required customer account credentials as described within the installation and configuration instructions shown in the underneath configuration section depending on the DHL business unit you want to configure the plugin for
  • Not yet a customer of DHL Paket or DHL eCommerce? Sign up here.
  • 1. Log in your Shopify Store

    2. Go to Apps and click on “Visit Shopify App Store”

    3. Search for “DHL for Shopify” or use the link  

    4. Get the DHL Shopify Integration by clicking the “Get” button

    5. Install the app — You will be notified that you are about to install the DHL Shopify Integration

    You will be automatically forwarded to the main settings page of your new DHL Shopify Integration app

    Please note: Based on your sender country and shipping preference, different access credentials for DHL Paket and DHL eCommerce are required for configuration. Please find respective details next.

  • DHL for Shopify Plugin

    The feature “DHL Wunschpaket” allows you to offer your customers additional services for an individual parcel receipt directly in your web shop. It adds alternative delivery options to all address forms in the front end. If the customer enters his home address and chooses a preferred location or preferred neighbor, the parcel can also be delivered in his absence. Besides, your customers can indicate a preferred day or time for the delivery. The services chosen by your customer in the frontend are automatically transmitted to the backend and are then forwarded to DHL alongside with the electronic shipment data. In addition a location finder: integrates all delivery addresses of DHL Packstations, parcelshops and post offices in your webshop which will automatically be transmitted in the delivery address.

    Settings for shop owner:

    • Enable/Disable Location search
    • Enter Google Maps API Key
    • Enable/Disable PreferedLocation
    • Enable/Disable PreferedNeighbour
    • Enable/Disable PreferedTime
    • Save and Test (API call for instant Feedback)

    Note: Please note that the preferred delivery services are only offered for shipping within Germany.

    DHL Shipping

    The DHL Shipping enables shop owners to easily create and print DHL package labels to make the shipment by DHL as simple as possible.

    With the integrated shipping logistics system “DHL Ship”, you create and organize shipping labels directly in the backend of Shopify. The app supports the shipping from Germany and Austria.

    It is based on the latest business customer API (GK-API) and offers the booking of additional delivery services e. g. the visual check of age.

    Note: The plugin does not support DHL Intraship.

    Settings for shop owner:

    • General
    • DHL User (lowercase)
    • DHL Password
    • DHL EKP Number
    • DHL national participation (Teilnahme National)
    • DHL international participation (Teilnahme International)
    • Weightflat (Gewichtsflat)
    • Cash on delivery - enable
    • account holder (Kontoinhaber)
    • bank name (Name der Bank)
    • IBAN
    • BIC

    To configure your DHL for Shopify plugin go to the configuration site of your app (Apps / DHL Shopify Integration) and activate Location search.

    As soon as you activate the DHL for Shopify plugin several setting options will appear.

    Required settings:

    • Google Maps API Key: Enter your Google Maps API Key.
      The Google Maps API Key is required to make your Location Search usable.
      If you want to find out how to get your Google Maps API Key, click the link next to the title.
    • NOTE: It can take a couple of seconds until the connection is established. Please wait until the processing (orange) status switches back to synched (green).

    Optional settings

    • Show Preferred Day: This option allows your customer to choose a preferred day within the next six days on which the package should be delivered.
      As soon as you activate the “Show Preferred Day” option you will be asked to enter a Cut-off Time. The Cut-off Time is the latest possible order time up to which the minimum preferred day (day of order + 2 days) can be guaranteed. As soon as the time is exceeded, the earliest preferred day displayed in the frontend will be shifted to one day later (day of order + 3 days).
    • Show Preferred Time: This option allows your customer to choose a preferred time of day at which the package should be delivered. The options that are available are: none, 18-20 and 19-21

    NOTE: In addition the DHL Shopify Integration adds automatically two products to your shop: Service Preferred Day and Service Preferred Time. These products allow you to set the price for the additional service of choosing a preferred day and time of the delivery.

    The newly created products will be mapped automatically.

    If you want to change the price of the additional services, click the number next to ”Mapped to product variant” and you will be forwarded to the product page. Consider that only changing the price for this product makes any sense. All the other product settings can be ignored for those service products.

    • Show Preferred Location: This option allows your customer to set a preferred location the package should be delivered to (garage, foyer, etc.).
    • Show Preferred Neighbor: This option allows your customer to set a preferred neighbors address the package should be delivered to if your customer is not at home.

    Admin Settings

    In order to be able to use your location search, you need to edit some of the admin settings for your shop.

    • Go to the settings page of your shop
    • Chose “Checkout
    • Change the following settings:
      - Company name: optional
      - Disable “Use the shipping address as the billing address by default”

    Don’t forget to save your changes: Click Save.


    To configure your DHL Shipping go to the configuration site of your app (Apps / DHL Shopify Integration) and activate DHL Shipping.

    As soon as you activate the DHL Shipping you will need to fill in several general settings. All of those details you should receive from DHL.

    As soon as you activate the DHL Shipping you will need to fill in several general settings. All of those details you should receive from DHL.

    Required settings

    DHL Username (= User from business-customer portal), use lowercase

    DHL Password (= password from business-customer portal)

    DHL EKP Number

    Participations: Within the participations you need to map the services that DHL provides you with the participation number. The Participation number = the last two characters of the accounting number for the referring product.

    Optional settings

    Default for Visual Check of Age: This setting gives you the possibility to force a visual check on the age you have chosen.

    Cash on Delivery (CoD)

    CoD / Manual Payment Name in Shopify: For the CoD function you first of all need a corresponding Manual Payment Method in Shopify. Follow the link provided next to this setting, to create or check the corresponding Payment Method. Be sure to use exactly the same name for the Manual Payment Method in the Shipping settings for CoD.

    Add DHL CoD fee to the CoD account in DHL App call: This setting adds the fee that DHL demands for this service to the order price.

    Bank data: In order to be able to use the CoD function you need to provide bank information for the account where the cash will be transferred to.


    We recommend to not offer the payment methods „Payment in Advance“ and „Cash on Delivery“ in combination with the preferred delivery options as e.g. the preferred location cannot be fulfilled in case CoD is booked.

    Admin Settings

    In order to use the Shipping options of your DHL Shopify Integration you need to edit a couple of admin settings for your shop.

    Go to the settings page of your shop

    Chose “Payment”

    Go to the section “Manual payments” and chose “Create custom payment manual” from the drop down

    Enter the name of the custom payment method.
    NOTE: this has to be the same that you enter in the Shipping part of your DHL Shopify Integration app.

  • How to create a shipping label

    Shop owners can easily create labels for a DHL Paket shipment by using the DHL Shopify Integration. Besides, the interface allows a transfer of all orders to the DHL Paket Business Customer Portal where labels can be generated as well.

    • Go to the orders overview of your shop
    • Chose the order you want to create the DHL label for
    • Chose in the “More Actions” menu “Create DHL Label”

    Order Details

    On the overview page you will find all the details for this order:

    • Shipping address: if your customer has chosen a DHL packing station, a second address will be displayed on the right side.
    • Order Infos
    • Additional Options: These settings are pre-filled with the default settings you can change for your shop in the settings of the DHL Shopify Integration App. Nevertheless you have always the option to change most of the default values for each order.

    Create Shipment

    As soon as you are ready to create your label for this order, click “Create Shipment”.

    You will be forwarded to a page with a summary and the newly created shipment number for reference.


    To print the shipment label click “Get Shipment Label PDF”.

  • 1.    Configure your account for DHL eCommerce products by clicking on  “Apps” (1) and then on the DHL Shopify App under  “Installed apps” (2).

    Please fill out the fields as follows:

    • Activate the plugin in the upper right corner (1)
    • Enter your “Pickup Account Number” (2) and the “Distribution Center” (3) This information is provided to you by your account manager and also documented within your contract.
    • The “Package Prefix” (4) is added to the tracking number to identify the package is coming from your shop. The value can consist of max. 5 characters. This only applies for customers in the Asia Pacific region.
    • Enter your API credentials – “Client ID” and “Client Secret” (5) for the Global DHL eCommerce API as given to you via in case you can provide valid customer account information.
    • In case your country offers Cash on Delivery options, you can preselect a name here (6) that shall appear during check out.
    • In the drop-downs (7) indicate the national and/or international shipping product you want to offer as a standard shipping service – Note: you can customize this for each incoming order separately during the print label process easily.
    • Select if your handover option is to let us pick up your shipments or if you want to drop them at our facilities (8) and select your preferred label format (9) from the drop-down menus.
    • Save your setting (10) You can always change those parameters on a later stage via <<Apps>>, <<DHL for Shopify>>

    Additional Settings:

    Shipping international requires you to provide more information to ensure correct customs clearance. To ensure the best possible customer experience for your customers, we give you the option to configure those required inputs upfront in your product catalog (1) . Select the product you want to update and within the product itself click on “More actions” (2) and select “(S) DHL Product Metafields” (3). This will give you the option to maintain four parameters: 

    • The country of origin: Required since some products from some countries might be restricted) (4)
    • The Dangerous Goods Indicator: Required in case we have to transport your shipments by Air and there are limitations based on the content) (5)
    • The Harmonized Standard Code (HS-Code): Requested by customs authorities to ensure that prohibited items are not imported and the tax and duty calculation can be done correctly. (6)
    • The export description: This field is being used for any international shipment to be prefilled with the provided content. Please take into consideration the restrictions for Shipments into China in terms of Chinese descriptions being required. (7)
  • Label Generation:

    Creation of labels is simple. Just go to your orders (1) and select the order you want to process (2). In case the order is ready to be shipped, please click on the button “More actions” (3) and select “(S) Create DHL Label” (4). 

    Now, you will see your shipping options as you defined them as a standard within the initial configuration. The pre-selected shipping product (5) is automatically selected based on your preferences in combination with the parameter of having a domestic or an international shipment. You can further select based on the available options. Furthermore, you can select your predefined label format (6) as well as you can change the prefilled package weight in case you have to add packaging weight on top (7) . You can activate the option of payment on delivery (8) in case available In your country and aligned with your buyer. The package description (9) is required for export reasons within most cross border shipments – You can edit this prefilled field manually.

    Since you might require to enrich the line items within your shipment too for some of your international shipments (to provide HS Codes, etc), you can select and edit them by clicking on “ Metafields ” for each of them (10). Finally you should create your shipment by clicking on “Create Shipment” (11).

    The next page gives you two options – opening your final label or deleting it in case you have to edit the order upfront again. Clicking on “Open Shipment Label” (12) will show you the outcome. 

    Order overview and handover note creation

    Prepare your handover note by selecting your ready labeled shipments that you want to process. To do so, open your “Orders” (1) and select those orders in the order overview (2), then click the bulk action drop down (3) and select “Create DHL Handover Note” (4).

    The above bar indicates if all your orders could be processed successfully into the handover note (Green background) and it also shows you the order numbers (5) that have been processed successfully. In case you selected an order that did not yet got a label, the bar is colored red indicating the orders that could be processed into your handover note. To print the handover note, click on the print button in the upper right corner (6).

  • Your question is not answered here? For frequently asked questions please check or visit our integration page to understand alternative integration options at

  • In case you experience issues with our “DHL for Shopify” Plugin, please get in touch with us – we are happy to help. For inquiries towards DHL Paket please write to: for inquiries towards DHL eCommerce please get in touch with us via

  • 2017/11/06: Improvements to deal with incorrect street address numbers and public release of the DHL eCommerce functionality

    2017/10/13: Update docs to reflect changes to DHL Packet’s address parsing.

    2017/07/02: Initial version of the documentation.

  • Since we understand your needs for more services to be added, we plan on the following features to be added within the next releases.

    • Pick up requests by simply clicking a button and letting us know your preferred times  and requested volumes 
    • Shipping product selection in cart to give your customers the full choice of DHL shipping products 
    • Rates and Capabilities within your carts in real time via API to avoid maintaining your  rates manually

In case you feel something is missing to make your customers happy, feel free to let us know via the underneath message box – thanks in advance!

A feature I would love to see soon ...

You want to use DHL Paket or DHL eCommerce but do not have a customer account yet?