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Like many businesses today, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has implemented a long-term strategy to move to a sustainable future. By aligning environmental targets, across its value chain to those agreed in the Paris Climate Agreement, HPE has recognized the imperative to minimize the industry’s environmental footprint.

HPE’s Sustainable Solutions for a Brighter Future

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As part of its objective to be a leader in environmental and social progress, HPE launched the Logistics Sustainability Partner of the Year Award to recognize providers within logistics that demonstrate a high-level commitment to sustainability and work together with HPE to achieve their environmental and social responsibility goals.

The criteria of this award included: publishing corporate-level emissions reduction goals, while also demonstrating a year-on-year improvement in emission reduction; creation of a robust sustainability roadmap and implementation strategy, in partnership with HPE; and finally, collaborating on projects with HPE that result in measurable emission reductions.

Sustainability at the Center of Everything We Do

At DHL Sustainability is part of our DNA, and realizing this goal is demonstrated in the GoGreen initiatives and working practices, we apply to our business and customers, and our strategy to be net-zero by 2050 – the first logistics company to make this commitment.

Our recently announced commitment under #2030Goals are pushing these sustainability commitments further. The reduction of our emissions to under 29MT, the use of more than 30% sustainable aviation fuel for all air transport, electrifying 60% of last mile delivery vehicles, the use of carbon neutral design for all new buildings and finally offering green alternatives for all of our core products and solutions. These all go to show that DHL are committed to the reduction of our environmental impact.

Working Together with HPE

DHL and HPE share similar outlook on the future of sustainable logistics as evidenced by freight decarbonization roadmaps adopted by both companies.

DHL Global Forwarding’s roadmap assisted in laying the foundation for HPE’s current net zero/carbon neutral plans.

Working towards achieving sustainability goals has led to DHL offering a ‘Green Lane’ proposal for reduced emission airfreight in EMEA and a potential sustainable aviation fuel engagement. By leveraging the carbon reduction levers of airfreight carrier selection and routing optimization, a 16% reduction in year-on-year transport carbon emissions was recognized.

DHL has worked to build strong working relationships with HPE especially within our Freight Forwarding division, where key stakeholders from both sides are engaged on the Steering Committee of the Sustainable Air Freight Alliance (SAFA), a group of shippers, freight forwarders, and airlines working to promote responsible and sustainable airfreight transport, drive collaboration, and help to shape international standards.


All the above perfectly demonstrates the shared values that DHL and HPE have in their commitment towards a sustainable future.

Our engagement in 2021 has resulted in HPE awarding the HPE Sustainability Partner of the Year award to DHL. We are proud to have won this award, which is as a result of the Group’s commitment and drive across divisions, to practice and put into action our Roadmap to Sustainability.

Sustainability Webinar Series

To promote sustainability focused thought leadership within the industry, and share ideas and best practices on the future of sustainable business models, DHL also extended an invitation for HPE to present in one of DHL’s Sustainability Logistics. Simplified. Webinar series.