Press Release: Bogota 06/06/2019


  • DHL is donating and delivering two Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled centers to its partner, SOS Children's Villages Colombia 
  • The ICT centers are equipped with modern computer technologies to support people in need, providing learning opportunities for children and families supported by SOS Children’s Villages in Maicao and Riohacha in the department of La Guajira, Colombia

DHL is donating and delivering two Information and Communication Technology (ITC) centers to SOS Children’s Villages Colombia to provide access to technology for people in need and improve their learning opportunities. The ICT centers are containers equipped with generators for electricity, computers and desk space, with Wi-Fi and charging stations for mobile devices. The donation from DHL also includes funding to provide a facilitator and equipment maintenance assistant for each container for one year.  

Yesterday, DHL presented the ICT centers to SOS Children's Villages Colombia during an event in the city of Bogota. DHL Global Forwarding will transport the donated centers from Bogota, Colombia, to the border with Venezuela in northeastern Colombia. The ITC Centers will travel more than 1,000 kilometers in the upcoming days on a route that crosses more than 10 departments of Colombia. From the start of the route until delivery, DHL will monitor the movement of this special cargo in real time. The ITC Centers will arrive in La Guajira and will come into service in the cities of Maicao and Riohacha during the first week of July.

“With the gift of two Information and Communication Technology centers, we are supporting SOS Children’s Villages’ efforts to provide children and families with new opportunities,” said Daniel Viteri, Managing Director of DHL Global Forwarding Colombia & Venezuela. “Our vast ability to serve our customers and the communities where we operate, in sometimes challenging environments, has always been an integral part of our company, and logistics can make a contribution to a better world by connecting people and improving their lives.”

DHL has partnered with SOS Children’s Villages Colombia for the past five years by providing 171 employee volunteers and more than 1,100 volunteer hours. DHL volunteers help mentor young adults and children from vulnerable backgrounds, helping to prepare them for future employment.

SOS Children’s Villages Colombia supports families and helps strengthen their ability to protect, educate and care for their children. The organization also works to provide protective environments and education for children and young adults who have lost family care, helping to improve their opportunities to lead an independent life. The organization also works to reunite families and provides resources to obtain accurate information regarding shelters and services offered.

“Deutsche Post DHL Group and SOS Children's Villages have been working together for almost 10 years in now 45 countries to improve the employability of young people. In Colombia, we have partnered with DHL for five years. DHL’s donation of two Information Technology Centers and staff increases the opportunities of child development, the likelihood of successful family reunification and allows us to help children and their families in need”, adds Angela Rosales, Director SOS Children´s Villages Colombia.    

DPDHL’s GoTeach program creates educational opportunities for young people

The ITC Container delivery is part of Deutsche Post DHL Group’s GoTeach program. The initiative seeks to enhance the employability of young people, especially those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds due to poverty, loss of family, or fleeing. GoTeach aims to enable children and young people to fulfill their potential by developing mindsets, life skills, and the capacity to reach their aspirations, and connecting them with employment opportunities. To achieve this, local DHL employees volunteer to interact with children and young people and share their experience and expertise.

DHL’s 50th anniversary – a series of “50 Special Deliveries” highlights

DHL is providing these two ITC centers to its longstanding partner SOS Children’s Villages Colombia as a special delivery during the company’s 50th anniversary to support people in need. The gift also marks the 50th anniversary of SOS Children’s Villages in Colombia and its 70th anniversary globally.