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DHL in Hungary

Koala express and eucalyptus transport - DHL Express is the logistics partner of the Budapest Zoo

DHL Express transported two male koalas to the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden. Vobara and Nur-Nuru Bin are the first koalas ever to be kept in a Hungarian Zoo. With the help of DHL Express koalas receive fresh eucalyptus leaves twice a week on a regular basis from the plantation located in Southern England. The fruitful cooperation between DHL Express and Budapest Zoo has been cemented by a cooperation agreement signed at an official press conference on 5 March 2015. 

Vobara and Nur-Nuru Bin arrived from the Duisburg Zoo and Planckendael Zoo to the Hungarian capital. Preparations for the transport took about 3 weeks involving a dedicated team of 8 people from both the Zoo and DHL Express. Preparation of proper documents and regulatory approvals in close cooperation with involved zoos, and the relevant authorities was key to succeed with the transportation.

The koalas travelled more than 1500 km during their journey in less than 24 hours. Two of our experienced drivers were changing shifts to make sure the koalas get to their new home in Budapest as soon as possible. To make the 19 hours long trip even more comfortable, the koalas were provided food and water and their zookeepers also accompanied them during their journey.

"Outside Australia, only few Zoos are keeping koalas and in Eastern Europe they can be seen only in Budapest Zoo. It is great pride and also a serious professional challange for us, as we need to provide the best for these unique animals. With the transportation of the fresh eucalyptus leaves DHL Express helps us to achieve this goal" – said prof. dr. Miklós Persányi, Director General of Budapest Zoo.

As koalas have a very special diet they eat only fresh eucalyptus leaves. Transportation therefore has to be quick, safe and efficient. DHL Express transports the eucalyptus twice a week on a regular basis from a plantation in Newton Abbott located in southern England. Almost 70 kg of eucalyptus leaves arrive at the Budapest Zoo in less than 24 hours due to DHL Express’ unrivalled logistics network and DHL Import Express Worldwide service.

"We are very proud to be involved in such an important project and promote the well-being of animals through our international expertise and special logistic solutions. In alignment with DHL’s global efforts we are keen on supporting animal reservation and breeding programs in Hungary. The arrival of the koalas is an important milestone of the cooperation of DHL Express and Budapest Zoo. The agreement signed today shapes our long term partnership" – said John Lucas, Managing Director of DHL Express. 

DHL Express is a devoted partner of the Budapest Zoo to support the preservation of endangered species and development of international breeding programs. The cooperation started in 2013 - since then DHL Express has been involved in the transport of several animals such as the golden-bellied mangabeys, bettongs and the orphan baby orangutan.

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