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From baby care to fulfillment care: logistics services help POOPEYS soak up opportunities for growth

With an increase in sales, a new fulfillment approach was needed by POOPEYS, seller of high quality nappies, wet wipes and baby changing mats.

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Customer Challenge

  • Sales growth was outstripping customer’s own capacity to fulfill their own orders.

Our Solution

  • Products are warehoused, picked and packed in DHL Fulfillment Network sites.
  • Customer orders are handled swiftly.
  • Easy set-up – including Shopify integration – in a matter of weeks.

Customer Benefits

  • Scalable: customers can increase and decrease their usage for e.g. peak season.
  • The POOPEYS team has much more time now to dedicate to their core business.

Customer Challenge

“We have been growing strongly, and we have seen how this in turn drives a need for a logistics solution that assists and enables us to continue on this growth path,” says Kamil Wróblewski, POOPEYS’ E-Commerce Team.

The company had previously been handling their own fulfillment, from their own factory. As sales increased however, this had meant they needed to dedicate more and more time to fulfillment, which could have been better spent concentrating on their core business.

DHL Fulfillment Network Solution

POOPEYS had been shipping with DHL for some time and, building on this relationship, they explored with the DHL Fulfillment Network how they could work together to move their pick and pack processes to DHL too.

“The growth in e-commerce is set to continue – not just in our industry, but across the board,” notes Kamil. “We knew we were at the point in our journey where the benefits of working with a 3PL would really springboard us forwards. We decided to kick this off with outsourcing the fulfillment of our orders in Germany.”

As well as selling through some 4,000 retailers across Europe, POOPEYS sell their products on their own webshop, using Shopify. This webshop was integrated easily with the DHL Fulfillment Network. “Within only a few short weeks we were live, with customer orders all around Germany being fulfilled quickly and efficiently.”

Customer Benefits

The DHL Fulfillment Network has multiple fulfillment centers around Europe and further afield, where a customer’s products are warehoused. When a consumer order is received, the DHL team quickly pick and pack it, and it is then handed over to best-in-class carriers for last-mile delivery.

“We were drawn to DHL because of the speed with which they can process high volumes of orders,” Kamil explains. “We have plans for more growth and it’s great to know that DHL’s offering is flexible, so if we want to start fulfilling orders in countries other than Germany, we can do this easily.”

POOPEYS will also be able to scale up and down: the DHL Fulfillment Network’s offering allows customers to react to different sales triggers such as peak seasons or promotions they are running.

Like all customers, POOPEYS benefit from the advanced inventory insights offered by the DHL Fulfillment Network: a series of easy-to-use dashboards that allow customers to view stock levels in all locations, with details per SKU on how fast it is selling, how often it had stock-outs, what its returns rate was, and much more. They can then use this analysis to inform their own procurement pipeline and plan for future sales.

There is more on offer too: if POOPEYS wish to enhance the unboxing experience, they can avail of a personalization service whereby DHL place dedicated printed notes into parcels, offering for example a loyalty discount, or even a ‘Congratulations!’or “Welcome Poopeys Lover” message specially for the recipient.

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