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Solving Your Industry Challenges.

Our track record and dedicated industry experts give DHL an unrivalled pedigree across the energy industry, helping us to provide integrated energy logistics.

  • DHL ensures robust world-class HSSE (health, safety, security, and environment) performance, standards, and compliance in all transport operations and across all 3PL contractors.

  • As well as providing integrated logistics and transportation services, DHL acts as a ‘control tower’, managing both DHL assets and sub-contractor operations. We focus on providing the integrated supply chain solutions that our energy clients increasingly want, across all geographies, in full compliance with HSSE legislation and with full material visibility and traceability, complete transparency, and accountable governance.

  • Within the energy industry, efficient utilization of labour, infrastructure and equipment is the key to the success of new build projects, as well as the maintenance and operation of existing facilities. Whether you are constructing a new oil refinery, managing a drilling operation on or off-shore, or mining, generating or distributing power, you cannot make the most of your internal resources unless you can efficiently and consistently supply them with the right materials at the right time.

What We Do for Each Sub Sector

    • Design supply chains fit for projects and operations throughout every phase in your project lifecycle
    • Operate a scalable supply chain in a volatile oil and gas market
    • (Service Co): Organize your inbound supply chain that allow for a flexible production schedule
    • Managing end to end inbound of materials
    • Maximize utilization of logistics assets in the field
    • Reducing obsolete stock and managing inventory across multiple projects and operations
    • Effective planning that will not allow logistics to interfere with your mobilization and demobilization
    • Ensuring maximum yield through effective and synchronized planning of equipment and engineers
    • Managing turnarounds and upgrades effectively
    • Maximize customer experience and brand protection through customer centric supply chains
    • Managing oil samples
    • Maximizing asset upturn with effective service logistics
    • Logistics Planning and execution of large scale solar projects
    • Setting up and operating inbound supply chain that supports a flexible production schedule
    • Designing a supply chain that supports your energy transition
    • Effective supply chains that support decentralized and distributed power generation

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