First Choice makes use of various tools borrowed from the Six Sigma and Lean methodologies (e.g. Performance Dialogs, Gemba, Problem Solving Techniques, DMAIC, etc.). The so-called DMAIC cycle (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) is one of the techniques used with the guidance of our Six Sigma experts. Using all these methods and techniques, we have been able to improve our service performance, offered to you significantly, in a highly structured and systematic way.

For Our Customers Worldwide

The focus of First Choice is on putting you first. We've developed processes to help us better understand your needs and we've implemented measures to increase and improve the level of customer focus within our company. Here are some of the most significant benefits we have created for you:

  • High quality processes and services geared toward your real needs
  • Simplified and streamlined services and improved interfaces, making communication and cooperation with you easier
  • A holistic and systematic approach to solve your service-related problems/shortcomings
  • Tangible and quantifiable service improvements with added value for you and your business
  • An enhanced experience for you that will build your trust in our services and strengthen your loyalty toward our brand

The goal of First Choice is to become the "first choice" for you among all the choices you have for logistics services. We want to make your life easier, and in order to do this, DHL must provide top-notch service in all segments of our businesses. With First Choice and its tried-and-true methods (for example, Performance Dialogs, Gemba, Problem Solving Techniques, DMAIC, etc.), improvement potential - whether in business processes or your projects - is identified and subsequent measures are developed and implemented.

The Group's employees are encouraged to become part of the process, receiving the support and tools they need to introduce continuous improvements directly into their own work environments and sharpen their customer focus. We expect everybody within the organization, every day and everywhere, to be a quality leader. This leads to a company, which, together with its services, is in greater alignment with your needs and expectations.

Background & Figures

The practice of First Choice commenced in the year 2006. Since then, First Choice has been introduced as a long-term initiative in more than 220 of DHL’s country and territory organizations. By conducting regular customer satisfaction surveys, we've been able to gain a clear picture of just what our customers expect of us.

The company has already trained more than 30,000 managers and employees in the application of the First Choice methodology, and over 270,000 employees have been directly involved in the program so far. Over 3,000 “DMAIC Initiatives” have been successfully implemented every year since its inception, more than 60,000 employees are involved in “Performance Dialog” discussions every day and over 20,000 employees regularly use “Problem Solving” and “Gemba”. The results confirm First Choice's role in improving customer satisfaction and increasing the number of loyal customers worldwide, while being the quality leader in the industry.

First Choice supports DHL’s aspiration of quality leadership. The program helps us create and promote services that make life easier for you, as our customer, and makes it easier for you to work with us as your service provider and business partner. This ensures that we are extremely customer-centric in all we do.

First Choice assures that continual improvement, as a business objective, actually happens. It is a core instrument for reaching our goal of becoming the provider of choice for our customers and to becoming a quality leader in our industry.

First Choice has a direct impact on nearly all aspects of the company - its employees, its business processes and its customers - and therefore contributes to Strategy 2020 is many ways. A few examples:

  • The First Choice methodology assists us in continuously improving our processes at important points of customer contact, helping us to eliminate errors and inefficiencies, improve our reliability, simplify access and order processes and generate error-free and easy to understand invoices.
  • By encouraging our employees to actively take part in the First Choice program - through First Choice “Performance Dialogs”, First Choice “Process Improvement Workshops and Projects”, “Gemba” walk and “Problem Solving” techniques - we are able to utilize the expertise of our employees and mobilize them to become enablers in making you, our customers, their teams and our company even more successful.