If you would prefer to speak to someone personally about the location of your shipment, please contact DHL Express Customer Service

Quick Answers to Common Tracking Questions

  • Yes, under certain conditions. We strongly advise you to make a record of your tracking number. If you have a reference number from the shipper instead, you can use our online Shipper’s Reference Tracking service.

  • The DHL Express Waybill for Time Definite shipments is a 10 digit numeric number (e.g. 1234567890, 2345678901), so please recheck the number and try again. If your tracking number does not fit this format, please try one of the other tracking systems.

  • Yes, DHL ProView is a web-based shipment visibility and event notification tool specifically designed to improve tracking for DHL Express account holders. Please refer to your local DHL website to find out if DHL ProView is available in your country. While not available globally right now, it will be available in all countries in the near future.