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Press Release: Singapore, April 1, 2022

  • Lau Tian Chen appointed as Vice President, Head of DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center
  • Brings over twenty years of business development expertise in DHL, having previous roles at DHL Express,  DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation

DHL, the world’s leading logistics provider, names Lau Tian Chen as the new Head of its Asia Pacific Innovation Center (APIC) in Singapore. The first dedicated center for innovative logistics services in Asia Pacific and one of four DHL innovation centers globally, APIC is a collaborative platform for customers, partners and other innovative thinkers regarding emerging logistics-related technologies, showcasing the latest innovations to reinvent supply chains.

“The world is moving at an unprecedented rate of digital transformation, with Asia Pacific at its forefront. By 2023, IDC predicts that one in three companies in Asia Pacific will generate more than 30% of their revenues from digital products and services,” said Matthias Heutger, Global Head of Innovation and Commercial Development at DHL. “Digitalization is key to the future success of businesses. We strive to propagate new technological solutions through our innovation centers and collaborate with customers, partners and thought leaders to solve complex logistics challenges and create long-term value for businesses. I believe Tian Chen’s experience, commercial focus and his devotion to mentoring colleagues will be invaluable to the APIC team.”

With over two decades of experience driving business growth in various business units in DHL, Lau has proven to be a high-performing and adaptable leader. His most recent role is Vice President, Head of Business Development at the DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center. Chen’s career began at DHL Express Malaysia in 2002, before moving to DHL Global Forwarding as Head of Business Development in 2006, and subsequently promoted to Head of Commercial in 2008. In 2010, he was one of the Fast Growing Enterprise founding members, with his last held role as Vice President, Business Development, SEA. Thereafter, he headed up the Global Center of Excellence in Iskandar, Malaysia.

“It is an exciting time to deep dive into emerging logistics trends and engage industry partners to advance innovation in the region. We aim to simply tech buzz words like IoT, digital twin, big data, and blockchain and utilize it to develop commercially viable solutions that can help businesses solve real problems and to impact lives of their customers,” said Lau Tian Chen, Vice President, Head of DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation. “What drives me at work every day is the talented team at APIC and the possibilities they bring to solve problems of today and the future with technology. I look forward to further deepening collaboration with my colleagues across the DHL family, and forming stronger bonds with innovation partners in the public and private sectors.”

Established in 2015, APIC in Singapore is DHL’s only innovation center in the Asia Pacific region. It hosts a selection of exhibits on key technologies that shape the logistics industry in the future, alongside proof of concepts successfully implemented in DHL’s and customers’ operations. The center also drives research initiatives focusing on emerging logistics trends and offers tours and workshops to ideate and share learnings for customers and partners. DHL has three other innovation centers in Troisdorf, Germany; Chicago, USA; and Dubai, UAE.