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Counter Signal Jamming

In 2022, container or trailer thefts accounted for 15% of global cargo theft reports, and cargo hijackings represented 16%.  


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How do companies ensure high-value shipments are not stolen in transit? In logistics, real-time tracking  – often using GPS localization –  is crucial, providing visibility of goods, containers, and vehicles. This also enhances the customer experience, and the generated data is used to improve operations and increase the accuracy of time-of-arrival estimates. 

Increasingly, thieves are using GPS-jamming technology to attack and steal shipments. They can make containers and trucks “disappear” from tracking apps and dashboards while they illegally unload container contents or divert the whole truck towards a different destination. Despite being prohibited in many countries, GPS jammers can be easily bought online and are gaining popularity among criminals eager to deactivate GPS tracking devices. Recent history also shows that unfortunately, this trend does not stop at GPS jamming; thieves are also starting to block cellular networks, making any communication about a theft difficult, if not impossible.

Given these challenges…

We Wonder...

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Are there any tracking solutions for containers that can detect a jamming attempt and send alerts before the signal is blocked?

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Which next-generation tracking devices can continuously monitor a container’s current location even if a GPS or cellular signal jammer is near the device?

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How can counter software or hardware neutralize or minimize the effects of signal jamming devices?

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