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Price increase from 1st of January 2023


Dear Customer,

Through this year's wage settlement, we are experiencing a significant increase in wages for both drivers and terminal workers, there is a significant increase in operating expenses through increased electricity prices and last but not least, interest levies from Norges Bank are doing their part to increase the purchase costs of cars and equipment from our carriers.

If we look at the cost index for truck transport it shows an increase of between 14.1% - 19.7% for the last year - a large proportion of this is your diesel expenses, which we keep outside of this price adjustment.

DHL Global Forwarding Norway AS has implemented several measures to offset the increased wages and operating costs. Unfortunately, our measures have not been sufficient to compensate for the price and wage growth we are experiencing. In order to compensate for the increased costs, we therefore see ourselves having to adjust our prices by 6.9% effective from 01.01.2023

For any questions about price adjustment, contact your sales representative.

We look forward to further good cooperation.

With kind regards,
DHL Global Forwarding (Norway) AS
Marius Nordvold Wærpen
Head of Sales & Marketing