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An ore train has derailed between Gällivare and Kiruna


Dear Customer  

38 of 68 carriages from a 8000 ton heavy iron ore train had derailed at the ore railway. The accident happened close to Gällivare, and big consequences to the passenger-, goods and ore traffic when it will be stopped for a week. This is the same railway that transport ore from Kirune to Narvik.

The latest forecast for opening is 18th of November. This will cause delays in disputation in Stokmarknes, Harstad and Tromsø. Transportation south going will be impacted as long as the railway is closed, and this affects goods from our department in Stokmarknes, Harstad, Tromsø, Tana and Alta.      

If you have some question or wants more information, you can contact your sales repetitive or our customerservice.

Best regards
DHL Global Forwarding (Norway) AS

Marius Nordvold Wærpen
Head of Sales & Marketing